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Buffy Poll II - More 'Seeing Red'

Is Seeing Red the most controversial episode in the Whedonverse? If not, what is?

Whoa. This continues to dive into the hornet's nest, now doesn't it?

My view? Yeah, I think that despite the other choices one could reasonably make an argument for: Angel killing Jenny, Buffy sending Angel to Hell, Xander's lie to Buffy, Buffy hiding Angel's return, Giles drugging Buffy, Faith killing a human being, Faith joining the Mayor, Buffy's decision to feed Faith to Angel, Willow coming out to Buffy, Buffy first having sex with Spike, Willow using magic to mind-wipe Tara from her concerns, Buffy getting thrown out of her own house....

This would be the episode that I'd mark for "most controversial", and not for anything that happens outside of Spuffy, of course - even though I'm more into the Will/Tara story than the Buffy/Spike ... thing....

Rape is always a touchy subject - for good reason, it has been used far, far, too often in the past (think 70's movies, especially) to show off tits, turning it into a sexually titillating fantasy scenario instead of the violence it actually is.

To then take that subject and make one of your beloved main characters guilty of its attempt? Oh, yeah - controversy for sure - especially since those who were invested in the Spuffy goings-on must have felt like Joss walked up and spit in their face (even though he had so little to do with S6).

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