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S8 Bangel and Spuffy.... (sort of a part II, if you will)

I wanted to sort of expand on my feelings about Bangel and Spuffy and what I'd like to see, as opposed to whatever canon turn out being:

In a previous post - HERE - I said the following:
I'd like to see Buffy emotionally resolved to everything that her and Angel/Angelus had gone through. I'd like to see her resolve what her and Spike had been through (I think she's already farther along in that process because of S7). I'd like her to understand that she's fine on her own, but to be completely open to love again, if and when the circumstances are right and she feels a connection to somebody.

I wanted to include the scenes that I (my own opinion, feel free to disagree - or write your own scenes - I won't mind, I promise) think is critical, assuming that Joss read my opinion, gave a shit, and tried to please me. Now, I admit that would be more likely if I was god of Planet Earth - and I'm not - so it's unlikely (or impossible - stop being so negative!).

When I say that I want Buffy to be emotionally resolved to Angel/Angelus - this is what I mean: I want a scene where Buffy says, "I am so sorry, Angel! I know I shouldn't be, but I am. Sending you into Acathla's portal was the hardest thing I've ever done, but I know I was right...."

And for Angel to grab her, hug her, hold her and tell her out loud, "Yes. You were."

And this is why - first, I don't believe that Buffy needs to apologize to Angel because she was wrong (outside her POV - from the audience's ... from mine). She was right, in my opinion. In everyone who didn't want the Buffyverse to end up in HELL for S3 - she was right.

I'm talking from her POV - I think this moment, this image of Angel's face as she drove that sword through him - has been playing on her mind (whether she realizes this is another question) since she covered her face and started to cry. I think that she, the gang, even Angel, has put it in terms of "you're (I'm) the Slayer - and this is what I had to do" and then blowing it off, but I think Buffy still carries that guilt inside her. I think she's probably spent countless nights wondering what would have happened if ONLY she'd waited another few minutes (remember she's aware of Willow's spell and its effects).

I don't see how anyone, even a Slayer, could dismiss that she condemned someone she loved "more than anything" to eternal torment (she had no way of knowing he'd be back) without second guesses. And, I don't remember any scene where her and Angel, alone together, talked directly about what she did and why - and I see Angel as completely agreeing with her that the safety of everyone on Earth was paramount to him. Angelus? Obviously, his view would be quite different - but Angel would and has gotten it -- but Buffy needs to know that he's gotten it and really, truly doesn't blame her for that choice.


The situation with Spike is similar. Her and Spike needs to talk: forthrightly. About what they did, about their "relationship", about Buffy's beating him to a pulp because of her self-loathing... about Spike's actions in the bathroom, when Buffy was injured... about Buffy's and His history of her saying 'NO' only to then immediately cave and how it confused him - about how he understands, now that he has a soul, the difference between his desires and what is right to do (something that I think is clear, he simply wasn't capable of without William in residence). I want Buffy to admit her mistakes to him - but more importantly - I want Spike, in a moment of candor - to admit that he too was using her for the thrill of "having" the Slayer.

I want him to tell her that now that he's got his human soul back, he can look back at their sex and feel a sense of affection and love. I want them to both reach that level of understanding that they were toxic, but it's because of the circumstances that they were in - the damage they both were suffering (her depressed and self hating, he soulless and evil), but that neither of them can completely regret those moments when they actually connected (especially once Spike was souled, and that last moment in CHOSEN together).

Then I want them all to wrap up the Twat-Light thing and go on - the two vampires leaving and Buffy getting on, as stated in the prior post.


Then, I want Angel and Spike to have it out in Angel: Aftermath. I want the writer on Angel's title to grasp that they are playing in somebody else's universe and to fucking get over their egos and deal with it. I want Spike and Angel to beat on each other, and to rehash history, and to talk about Buffy (in between fist blows) and to end with both of them admitting that they each think Buffy is one-in-a-million, and if one or the other of them is called up by her, the other will manfully step aside.

I want them to talk about Dru and Darla and Angelus' seduction of his Sired [post Spike] (which I don't think was all about Spike - but was certainly a bonus to spit in his face). I want them to realize that each of them is somehow worthy of Buffy - even if they don't much like each other.

I want Spike to admit (under penalty of beheading Angel if he repeats it, of course)  that he was always trying to impress him - to prove worthy of Angelus', dare I say it, affection and acceptance. And for Angel to admit that Spike had gained his respect post-soul - that his willingness to stay in Sunnydale and burn up to stop the First Evil was ballsy.

I want both of them to admit that they don't altogether hate each other, even if they don't exactly want to best buddies, either.

I want resolution to the old outstanding issues that hang over everyone like a dark cloud, so we can just move onto other stories....

That is what I want to wrap up S8 of BTVS and dealt with in Angel: Aftermath (and if they could also deal with Angel's title having seasons, I wouldn't hate 'em for it, either).

So - that's what I meant by Buffy/Spike/Angel being dealt with.

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