harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Serious Question -

I know this is going to sound like snark, but I need to ask....

Has Michael Steele and/or John Boehner ever said one thing that didn't sound effing stupid?

You know something is seriously amiss when even Conservatives are slamming you for slamming Democrats.

And as for John, well this is the ass who confronted the President's proposed budget by calling for a news conference in which he presented an alternative budget of talking points with no numbers whatsoever, and then was shocked when he was roundly mocked. His latest utterances have also been made of FAIL.

I mean, honestly. I may loathe Eric Cantor, but at least when he's speaking I can see some sort of activity going on behind his cold, reptilian-like eyes. Boehner just looks like he's stumped all the time.

I can understand why Eric has reached his office, I have a feeling that J.B. is only there because he knew whose ass to kiss and how much and it was 'his turn'.


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