harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

We Miss the Cherokee Kid on Tour

After just over eight months of recovery and rehabilitation, a cautious Ryan Dirteater said he’s going to get back on a bull next week at a practice pen in Oklahoma. The 21-year-old fan-favorite hasn’t competed since dislocating his left knee last year in Uncasville, Conn. - PBR press release

Ryan Dirteater has had a string of bad luck on the PBR tour, including several injuries - on a broken femur - that should make anyone terrified to get back on the bulls. But he came back from the first injury and now he's working on a comeback from the second.

His energy and verve when on the back of a bull has been missed this season on the PBR Ford Tough tour and I wish him continued recovery and am excited by his planned return in 2011.

Ryan - NO MORE INJURIES, alright?

This kid has got Champion stamped on his forehead if he can just catch a bit of good luck next season.


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