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Angel, Buffy & S 8 -- my fantasy version

Livejournal poster joans_journal posted a question that I've responded to HERE about Dead Things - and why Buffy reacted so strongly to Spike's declaration about her being his girl.

As these things often do, it led to more discussion about Buffy and her relationships - and sort of swerved into Bangel territory. In the course of this discussion among the commenters joan/becky asked this question, which caught my interest :

Good point, but if Joss has no interest in developing their relationship - why get them back together now? Why drudge it all up after so long? Why not have Buffy and Angel move on? Why make them literal soulmates?  

Now, I'm not gonna pretend for an instant to know what the hell Joss is going to do about re-opening what we thought was a closed chapter. I will say that I doubt very much this is going to end with Buffy's cookie dough being baked through and her and Angel getting their happily ever after.

But, this is what I'd like to see happen-

I'd like to see the vampire and the Slayer move on. No, I mean actually, really move on. I want them to always care deeply for one another - I want Buffy to prove Spike's "you'll never be friends" declaration completely wrong. But I'd like to see them stop with the angsty bump-n-grind, even though for the logical reasons I've outlined before - Angel's curse should not be an issue. You can't really achieve perfect happiness again, after being aware that if you do you'll turn evil and torture and murder the woman you love and all she holds dear without some serious amnesia..., but back to the point....

I'd like to see Buffy emotionally resolved to everything that her and Angel/Angelus had gone through. I'd like to see her resolve what her and Spike had been through (I think she's already farther along in that process because of S7). I'd like her to understand that she's fine on her own, but to be completely open to love again, if and when the circumstances are right and she feels a connection to somebody. I wouldn't mind if Riley became her regular again, as long as Sam is out of the picture (we haven't heard yet where she is or what happened with her and Riley's marriage - that I remember). But, it could also be someone entirely new - it matters not to me.

I'd like to see Buffy have an actual, mostly-stable and happy, partnership with someone who doesn't die, turn evil, break up with her because of their own feelings of inadequacy (but let me make clear that Buffy was also responsible for things falling apart with Riley) or otherwise spend the whole of S9 making her cry. I'd like her to be in a place where she's accepted and forgiven herself, Angel, Riley, Spike and even Parker de Poophead for the past and to get over it. I'd like her to visit her father, have it out with him about his sudden disappearance from her and Dawn's life and the impact it had on her other relationships with people and then to put it aside - as much as one can with these things - whether through reconnecting with him or simply walking away, I care not.

I'd like Angel to move on, too. I'd like nothing more than for him to figure out that he deserves to be in love with someone in which every single encounter doesn't turn into some sort of mystic-torture. I want them to stay in semi-regular contact, but to be - really this time - just very close friends with a past and not wrapped up in that past any longer. He can go back to his comic and she can have hers and they can share emails.

This is what I want to believe Joss has reopened the Bangel for ... to lay it to rest once and for all, no further regrets, no love hangovers, no wishing for things that won't be - I want them all to have closure and a new maturity in their relationships going forward. But please, IDW - no Angel/Nina - I discovered in After the Fall that when she isn't half-wolfed out, she's effing boring. Maybe some sort of slow burn between Angel & Kate - sort of pick up the strand that got interrupted when her character left the show?

And, I want Buffy to tell Spike that she does love him for everything he's done, but to admit that S6 sex wasn't about love - but about so many things that weren't healthy. I want her and Spike to kiss, deeply, and then to be over one another, as well (Spike does better playing off Angel these days, where he can still be sort of a prick - a funny prick, but pricky nonetheless).

[Oh, and if Buffy, Angel and Spike play out Buffy's fantasy revealed in The Long Way Home by Ethan, that would quite alright with me, too - a going away thing to wrap up the sexual tension hangovers.]

I'd like to see Spike explore his humanity more over in Angel: Aftermath (i.e. S6) - and for them to pick up the Spike/Illyria weird kiss thing that just got dropped without another fucking word in just horrible storytelling. I mean, how the hell do you have Illyria grab Spike and lay a huge, toe-curling liplock on him and then suddenly have her talking about 'mating' with Connor and have no follow up?! What the shit sort of plotting is that?!

Ahem, sorry - got off track a little....

My point being, it's time for Buffy and her twisty relationships with the two vampires with souls to be put to rest and I'd like to see it done without the angst -- just for a change of pace, Joss.

So, that is what I'd like to see - but considering it is Joss handling the final piece of the Twit-light arc, I am doubting things will work this smoothly and neatly. But, I am avoidy-of-the-spoilies - If you know something I don't, just keep it to yourselves - okthnxmuch.

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