harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

TVSquad highlights the sexy - and Buffy is in there.

Sexy Linkage

Among the Buffy nods, is entry #11 - the ONLY scene of Spuffy that was actually hot:

Scorch factor: They. Brought. Down. The. House. Literally.

Of course, there are a few sexy scenes that should have been included - but weren't:

Buffy/Angel's tryst is one of the sexiest things on non-cable television - and all we get to see is David's back!

Angel's feeding on Buffy is the embodiment of the sex/violence dichotomy. I don't want to find blood rolling down Buffy's back sexy -  but I can't help it!

Any scene with Wes and Lila Morgan denying they're in any way, shape or form doing anything except using the other is sizzling hot... and their verbal banter is mean-spirited and funny as all hell (and way better in both the sexy and the funny than David and Maddie).


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