harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Winter Blues

So, since I've moved onto an island stuck between two channels in the St. Clair River, there is certain risks that I've had to learn to accept. One of these is that the auto ferry service will be interrupted due to inclement weather... in this case, ice floes.

Which is what has happened today. Unfortunately, the ferry "generously" waited until late in the day to shut down overnight... which was after I left for work. Not that I didn't know this was coming this evening, so thanks to the Honey, I pre-packed a bag so I'd have clean clothes with me. 

The last time this happened, it took 10 whole days before I could return home. Fortunately, my folks live only 40 minutes from my place of employment, so I have a couch to turn to, but why oh why couldn't the ferry shut down BEFORE I had to leave the island? I mean, c'mon, that's a ready-made excuse to call off and stay home (doing things like posting Spanderverse or playing CIV III). Alas..., I made it to work and now am stuck here for who knows how long (hopefully just overnight this time around... we'll see).

Ice Floes from harsensisland.com

  The sign marking the Ferry entrance from waterwinterwonderland.com

  Driving up to the Ferry (the boat's not there, yet) also from waterwinterwonderland.com


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