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Stormwreath's Meta: Slayer Power

I wish I had a lot more to argue about with this, but alas, much of Stephen's analysis and conjecture on the limits of a Slayer's powers are actually in line with what I've thought since starting to write spanderverse. Still, he's really obviously given a lot (too much? Naaaah) of thought about what we can draw as Buffy's limits and I issue a recommend on his meta (and we all know how important my recommendation is to everyone).

I might have a quibble or two here and there, but I need to put in a bit more thought about it before I'm ready to argue with any of his points, assumptions or speculations. If I do end up with any disagreements, I think they're only slightly different interpretations rather than outright disagreements with his observations.

So, why are you still here - go click the link, already!

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