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Episode Poll, "Lie to Me"

Time for another "Buffyholism" poll! We love Buffy polls 'round these parts:

Ford? Like him?

No, didn't like him all that much. And that was even before he decided to be a psycho.

Who's more jealous in this ep: Angel or Xander?

lol. I'd say they're about tied in the jealousy stakes.

Giles' book describes Drusilla as "a sometime paramour of Spike's". 'Sometime'?  

Yeah, that Dru - sometimes she just wanders off, y'know? And Spike's killing ways? Largely involved hunting down Dru's other time-wasters and making them suffer for touching his 'Dark Plum'. But, he always forgave Drusilla 'cause he loves her 'eyeballs to entrails' ... and plus, she's insane so it would be a little bit peevish to hold a grudge against her.

When Angel is telling Buffy about what he did to Drusilla, he describes her as "pure and sweet and chaste", words that could possibly describe early!Buffy. Is this a kink of Angel's?

I wouldn't say it's Angel's kink, but I have no doubt seeing it as Angelus' kink to destroy the 'pure and chaste' and leave them broken. I doubt he wasted the sort of time and effort he put into Drusilla (it was that vision thing that had him so intrigued), but he surely got off on pulling the puppy eyes and then fanging out and giving hideous death to virgins he seduced. *Bastard*

So, why did Spike ultimately turn Ford at the end, even though he wasn't successful in getting Buffy?

On the poll, I put that he knew Buffy would stake him anyway - but I also want to add that he knew Buffy would stake Ford anyway and it would hurt her. If he had been random guy, Spike would have completely blown off his promise - but since he had a connection to Buffy, he was a good way to twist the dagger into Buffy by making sure she had to stake her now very ex-friend for a bit of shits & giggles.

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