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More Season 8 Thoughts....

... Which I insist you go read, because I'm not wading in on it. I'm too... discombobulated still by the whole Twit-light thing to give it any rational thought other than, "NO, That's NOT how I would have done this!!!!111!!!11!!111!" and then curling into a ball and wondering why Joss did this to me.

Read Me First

So we have Buffy destroying the world in a moment of despair when she decides to go after something that she has always thought she wanted, but which turns out to be more like something she's already had.  That sounds like a Jossian thing to go for.

Then Read the Very Well Thought Out Response.

Sample: Becoming is often seen as one of the key moments in BtVS history.  Mostly everyone agrees on it.  This is the episode where Buffy had to choose between Angel and the world, and at great personal sacrifice she chose the world, and killed Angel.  

And Buffy has been returning to this same choice, the Becoming choice, again and again.  Joss has been returning to it.

I don't know... maybe Joss has some greater development in mind (I must believe this, because he is so rarely random about the big things), but I have extreme trouble not with Buffy's side of the equation, but Twilight's. His is the POV that really needs to be laid out in detail, because I just cannot get OOC (whether bad plotting, or magical influence) out of my mind when it comes to his choices in this grand arc.

It is he, not Buffy, that makes zero sense to me.
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