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You Know Something LJ really needs?

It's a way to click on multiple tags and use those choices to find results matching all of 'em at the same time. See, I was posting the latest poll answers when I suddenly realized that if someone clicked my tag for BTVS, for instance, they'd get a WHOLE lot of stuff - not results like the page that their clicking from (i.e. not just past poll questions for Buffy I answered) and then I thought,

"I need to make this easier to jump to subject specific results for my site browsers", especially since I am being newly friended by others that have jumped here from other's pages. I mean, what if they want to browse my wisdom from past entries, but don't necessarily want to see everything I've ever dumped on the subject of Buffy (or Angel or News or whatever).

So - my new project, because I simply have not put enough on my plate for me to do is to go page by page and make more specific tags for them - then re-tag everything (which I've done before for specific subjects, like the Buffy Season episode/comic reviews) and then delete all of the tags that end up with zero entries (which should be all of the non-specifics like BTVS and Buffy and AtS and Angel if I do this right).

So - that is what I plan on working on..., but I'm not sure how long it will take - I worked the midnight shift and as of 12:15pm, I'm still awake (Thank you, insomnia - how long is it going to take you to drive me insane already? And, can I convince you to let my sleep-deprived delusions to put me in Buffy's camp... possibly with Xander deciding he must 'have' me... have you seen S8 Xander!? And, now I'm just rambling....) and I'm starting to get a bit TIRED. But, that is on my agenda, now....
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