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Today's Buffy Episode Poll -

gabrielleabelle poll today is all about the fun episode, Halloween ... zip over there and take a look, answer the poll, take a peak at the comments and then come back to hear me share, what I'm sure without even looking at the questions yet, will be utterly brilliant insights:

Best costume?

I'm sure everyone is going to be about Willow as 'sexy ghost', but I'm going to go with Buffy's 18th Century lady, instead. Her costume is the most detailed (including that fancy wig!) and that makes it the best.  

So, taking the Dawn Retcon into account, did Dawn turn into her costume (whatever it may have been)?

Any of the answer provided are possibilities - Dawn changed, Dawn bought elsewhere, Dawn didn't get dressed up: I went with Dawn was too cool for dressing up like little kids
and her lame sister. No, instead she had a sleepover at Jan's house with her and Kim and they watched whatever horror movies were on (non-cable) television and talked about boys while pigging out on popcorn and Halloween shaped sugar cookies that Jan's mom baked.

It's Ethan's first appearance. Putting orgies aside, did he and Giles ever...you know...?

I went with "Yeah, but it was a one time deal" for the poll, but I think it was more than once. I think they did a lot of dark magick away from the group and probably involving Eyghon, too. I think things got sexy-crazy more than a few times, which is why Giles and Ethan have that lingering tension between them every time they meet. Also, Ethan always acts like a spurned diva....

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.  

Hmmm. I think I'm giving it a 4-star in the poll, but it might be more like a 3.75 - I'm not completely sure.

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