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We'll All Own One Some Day - Electric Car Show Organizers Say

Can someone answer me this - because I never hear it discussed - and maybe it's just because I'm such a cynic in my middle-agedness, but if we're all driving electric vehicles, won't that just mean we're over the barrel to the electric companies even worse than we already are?

How will the electricity bill not skyrocket with all of that captive-demand? And how is this going to work, when no one is upgrading the electric lines in any methodical, expensive way? And does this mean that every time a storm goes through, we'll not only lose our lights and satellite/cable - but we'll lose our ability to drive as well (assuming the usual of there always being 10's of thousands who spend several days powerless - thankfully thus far, I've only been out for a few days during the power blackout of '03.

I get the environmental benefits (although, if we don't develop a hell of a lot more sustainable energies, we'll still be in deep doo-doo thanks to the needed increase in wells [for natural gas] and mines [for coal]), but I'm very leery of putting any more power over us into the utilities company's hands with no one between us and their rate hikes but politicians.

We've seen how well that usually works out.
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