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Whose character arc was the least believable? And why?

The original came from the fine folks at The Slayerettes as part of the Sunday Question series... sorry I'm just getting to it now - I came down with a hella stomach flu/24 hour bug thing that left me crappied - but we won't go into those details.

Anyway, so the question: My answer - the first one that popped into my head - was Cordelia Chase. And, it was all due to the latter Angel the Series stuff. I had no trouble buying the Teen Queen Cordy getting sensitized to the supernatural in Sunnydale. I had no trouble with her following her dream to be close to so many shoes and to be an actress in L.A. I had zippo-problems with her running into Angel, deciding he needed help and she needed a paycheck and basically bullying her way into starting up Angel Investigations. I had no problems with her getting visions passed from Doyle and discovering a passion for helping others and saving the world, in between acting badly in really minor plays.

The real problems started when Cordelia ascended with nothing better to do but complain to Angel to find a way to get her out of there. And then there was the whole Connor thing - but most of this can be explained by the manipulations of Jasmine... I guess....

No, the real problem was the way that Cordy remembered who she was (salty, Queen C) only to forget in the next episode and be all caring, support-o-gal to Angel. And my God, who thought that Cordelia Chase would ever start to fall for Angel?!

     A) Buffy's castoff?
     B) A vampire who has the habit of going soulless?
     C) A vampire who is still clearly hung up on Buffy - she wouldn't give him the time of day!
     D) Has lost all sense of fashion (see Angel: After the Fall) post-death, and re-ascending.

Who was this woman wearing Cordelia's face?

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