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Buffy Episode poll - REPTILE BOY

The newest episode poll is HERE where you can join the cool kids....

1. Buffy's giraffe-print pants. Daring or dud?

I know it seems like cheating, but I must go with both (in the poll, I went daring). I think it was a brave thing to slap on over her thighs, but I must also vote for her to immediately give them away to some charity whose shelves are empty and are ready to take anything. This was a serious fashion misstep.

2. Buffy's line: "When you kiss me I wanna die." Love it or hate it?

OMG. Overwrought, much? And this is saying something considering the melodramatic heights that the Buffy/Angel relationship attain - but still, too much and hate it.

3. Was this the first time Xander's worn a bra?

LOL. Uh... yes? I think he looks a little to horrified for him to be familiar with the contours of the over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. But it could also be that his private life and public life got too mix-y in that moment. I'm gonna guess it's his first time, though.

4. What's the moral of the episode? Select all that apply.

See, now you have to go to the poll, so you can see the multiple choices - and you may as well fill it out while you're there. But, back to me....

FRATS are evil. ALCOHOL is evil (but I don't let that stop me).

5. Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

I'm gonna go with 3-stars on the poll.

On a side note - I tried to post part one of my 'Dawn of the Dead' (70's version) today - so it is done, but I'm getting some crap about updating my account if I wanna upload any pictures - but when I followed the link - I see nothing that indicates I'm out of storage space (not even close - 2 Gigs is a lot to fill up). Has anyone else run into something like this? Any clue which one of the LJ administrator logs I should be contacting if it doesn't resolve on its own next time I try?

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