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Is coalitiongirl evil (joke - just a joke!)?

I've been informed by someone being so helpful in encouraging my meme-addiction that there is an Angel Meme! It's very much in the vein of the one I posted yesterday morning. Some are repeating what I've answered - but some... some are further questions about the Angelverse which can be answered for both Buffy and Angel - OH YAY.

I've cherry picked through these ones for those that I haven't answered yet in my other numerous posts that I can apply to both series and that caught my fancy because I'm just not sure I have the energy for another mega meme. Finally, obviously, these questions can have multiple answers... these are just the first things that popped into my head....

A scene that made you laugh.

Buffy: Buffy's hand motion for "stake" in Hush, and the look on Willow's face during Giles' slide show/lecture on what they're facing.

Angel: Lila playing Fred for Wes during their rather twisted affair.

A scene that made you cry.

One of the moments I keep coming back to is Giles in the alley at the end of Passion, with Buffy cradling him as he sobs.

Angel: I don't recall crying at any of the Angel scenes, sad though many of them may be. I'll say I got a little choked up at the end of Heroes when Cordelia and Angel are watching the awful commercial Doyle made for Angel Investigations. The numbed sadness on Charisma's face is heartbreaking.

Something that made you think “WTF?!” ( I really like this one )

Buffy: Twilight's identity reveal.

Angel: Every one of Cordelia's scenes in The House Always Wins - and not in a good way.

Saddest character death.

Buffy: There were a lot of deaths in Buffy - but the usual emotion was more of SHOCK than sadness. That came afterward in relation to the gang's reaction, so it's hard to pick a 'sad death' per se - I mean I was devastated by 'The Body', but that had more to do with the acting and the way it was filmed than Joyce's death itself - even though I missed her the rest of the series.

I think for a sad death, I'm going to go with an offbeat pick - VampXander's in the Wishverse. There is just something perverse about him being so casually staked, and forgotten by Buffy of all people, knowing that these two never knew the relationship they were supposed to have had. I find that sad.

Angel: Fred. Her death was long, painful, drawn out and was allowed to occur for the greater safety by one of her closest friends and the vampire whose soul she had saved... that is not just sad, it's operatic in its tragedy.

Best “Team Angel” [and Buffy!] line-up[s]:

Buffy: Season 5's Buffy, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Xander, Anya and Tara - they really were so much like family by the time they went on the run. I've always loved that sense of connection between the characters on BTVS - and in S5, even Spike had grudgingly been welcomed -- mostly.

Angel: I'm going to go with the mid chapters of After the Fall - Angel, Connor, Spike, Illyria, Lorne, Gwen
& Nina. The issue where they team up against the Demon Lords of L.A. and their henchman really worked for me as far as their being a unit. Of course, it didn't last long....

Wackiest-looking demon.

Buffy: I'd like to go with the Shark-guy in S6, but that Roach-boy in S5 keeps coming to mind.

Angel: Thankfully, another Shark-guy showed up in Angel: After the Fall, so I can name him here.

Rec a fanfic or fanvid (or both).

Buffy: LoveLost90's Buffy/Faith antagonism video "Bruised"

Wicked-Amp's Salvage/Orpheus/Release tribute, "Break Me Off a Switch"

Something that you wish had never happened.

Buffy: Spuffy.

Angel: Visiting Las Vegas.

Something that you wish had happened.

Buffy: I wished that Willow's breakdown came because of her need to avoid unpleasant truths about life and her desire to control events around her, using magic - rather than the "addiction" story arc.

Angel: I kind of wish Gunn had been allowed to die at the end of After the Fall - saved from his vampire-Hell self only to have died in the alley instead would have been more in keeping with Angel's pessimistic outlook and it would have been appropriate that only the supernaturally powerful made it out alive in the end.

Sexiest scene.

Buffy: Angel feeding on Buffy in Graduation Day.

Angel: I honestly don't have any really sexy scenes in mind. Flashes of Buffy/Angel in S1, flashes of Darla/Angel is S2 - but nothing that really leaps out as OMG, THAT'S SO HOT. Help? Suggestions? Reminders of great, sexy scenes in Angel?

Ickiest scene.

Buffy: Didn't that cockroach demon from outer space barf up in the face of one of the Knights?

Angel: Could there be any answer except the Connor/Cordelia sex scene - I'm nauseous just thinking about it. That's one of those things that make you wish you would have torn out your eyes ten seconds before it came on screen.

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