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30 Questions About Angel (to go with Buffy meme)

Because it just isn't right not to include the same about Angel's series!

Favorite Season Four. I love the Apocalyptic visions of the Rain of Fire and the awesome stunt fighting against The Beast, not to mention Faith returning to battle Angelus. The topping on the cake is the game attempt to redeem Cordy's god-awful story arc....

Favorite Episode Sanctuary - the first Buffy crossover that actually made sense and Faith's unexpected redemption? I'm there.

Favorite Song Used In An Episode Errrg. I don't recall any music that jumps into memory, except for the background instrumental during the Rain of Fire in Apocalypse, Nowish - so that gets the nod.

Favorite Female Character Sorry, Cordelia. And, I'm tempted to say Faith again - but I have to go with Lila Morgan: she's great before she gets jabbed in the neck.

Least Favorite Female Character In the beginning, it was Fred - but she got better, especially in S5. Let's see, I'm including the same caveat as in the BTVS meme - only characters that at least recurred with be considered. I think Eve. They really should have brought back Lila as a ghost or zombie to being the liaison.  

Favorite Male Character Wesley - he was the most complex character on the show - which is amazing considering how clownish and comedy relief-y he started out as.

Least Favorite Male Character Leland Manners - he bored me and I'm glad he was left to Dru and Darla, especially since it was such a shocking turn of events for Angel, himself. Spike is in there, too, though. I was ready to say good bye to him at the end of Chosen, truthfully.

Favorite Friendship Before it started to curve into the weird and unconvincing romance, I really liked the Cordy/Angel relationship that had developed.

Favorite Romance You can't imagine how much I want to say Angel/Spike, but I won't. I'll say Angel/Darla.

Least Favorite Season I have to go with Season 1 because other than the two parter with Faith, these episodes were just sort of there. I wasn't particularly enamored with the first several episodes of S5, either, but it got a lot stronger. Season 1 just ... didn't.

Least Favorite Romance The ghastly attempts to create an Angel/Cordelia romance before she ascended (into another ridiculous plot) killed it in its non-existent tracks. I never felt for a moment that David and Charisma believed in this turn of events, either, on screen.

Least Favorite Episode There are many that could qualify - probably more than on Buffy's, despite the S6 debacle, the S7 forgetting who the focus of the series is lackluster writing and the fact it lasted two seasons longer than Angel. But the worst of 'em all: The House Always Wins - a transparent excuse for a road trip to Vegas on the production company's dime.

Favorite Potential Slayer There were no potentials on Angel. The Slayers we meet (yes, Slayers - plural if you include After the Fall, which I do) are already Called.

Favorite Female Villain Lila really should have this spot sown up since she's the main female villain that Angel had, but I have to give it to my favorite wackadoo, Dru.

Favorite Male Villain I'm tempted by both Angelus and Lindsey, but for my money The Beast was the most impressive - despite being just a minion. I wish I could say Gunn, the Vampire - but he wasn't given enough focus or story logic to work through so many issues of After the Fall.

Episode You Like That Everyone Else Hates I'm not sure that "everyone" hates it - but it involves Connor, who is pretty unpopular so I'll say - Peace Out.

Character You Relate To The Most Again, I can't say that I "relate" to the characters, in that I see myself in them.

Character Who Didn’t Get Enough Screen Time Harmony. I know. I don't believe I'm choosing her either - but she really seemed to be getting herself together in S5 and I wanted to know if she could be redeemed, even a little, without a chip or soul. That, at least, got answered in "Not Fade Away".

Character You Like That Everyone Else Hates Well, some cannot stand Dru, but that's not really "everyone". I know there's a lot of smack-talk toward Connor, so I'll go with him. I like him. There, I said it and I'm not ashamed.

Best Spike-centric Episode I'm sorry I even have to consider this. Spike's tale should have been, by all rights, closed in BTVS: Chosen. Since it is not, however - Destiny. Yes, even the title in which it was all about Spike, "Spike: After the Fall" was not a best Spike-centric title.  

Best Willow-centric Episode This one isn't a fair question, since she only made one real guest starring role (the other she had no dialog).

Best Xander-centric Episode No Xander in any episodes, including Angel's S6 continuation (After the Fall, followed by Aftermath).

Two Characters You Wanted To Get Together That Never Did I really wanted Spike and Angel to prove that they did in fact "do it" during some sort of drunken, blood orgy back in the day in a flashback.

Favorite Example of 90s Special Effects First, we have to point out that only Season 1 would qualify - so this isn't a completely fair question. But - for serious answer: The Ghost Maude in Rm w/a Vu. The snarky answer - floating body parts in I Fall to Pieces.

Favorite Angelverse Saying Favorites are so hard- the first to pop in my head is Angel's "Let's go to work...."

Favorite Team Angel Moment Rallying around Fred in A Hole in the World... I guess.

Cutest Moment "Cute Moments" aren't exactly what I think of when I think "Angel"... still I'd say Connor's reaction to Angel's reaction that he's alive again after W & H undoes the 'L.A. sent to Hell' thing in Angel's comic ranks up there.

Character You Love To Hate Lila Morgan - 'cause I love her, even though I shouldn't and that just makes me hate her more when she pulls one damned stunt after another and steadfastly refuses to be redeemed.

Episode You Hate That Everyone Else Loves In The Dark. I think it is a flimsy excuse for a Buffy/Angel crossover and Oz's inclusion is paper thin plotting. Yes, Spike is amusing in the opening scene and during Angel's torture, but it was all so unnecessary to the series, especially one that was worrying about starting in BTVS' shadow.

What You Think Made [Makes] Angel So Great The gray moral area that Angel has always inhabited is really given special attention in Angel's own show in ways that they simply couldn't do in BTVS. I'd say that Buffy has always been optimistic, while Angel has always been pessimistic, even when the good guys seem to be winning. I love that they didn't just try to re-create Buffy with a male lead, but put Angel's conflicted nature to great use.

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