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30 Days of the Buffy (except not in 30 days - but in 1)

Oh, god - not another meme! And, it's so LONG - but ... cannot ... resist... meme... and Buffy... together! Drat.

Favorite Season This is always a tough one to call, because I sort of vacillate between S2 and S3 and sometimes S5 depending on which season I'm re-watching on the DVD player. I'm think I'm gonna go with Season 3, though, because the dynamic between Faith and Buffy is so much fun and it finally ... and I mean finally ... sorta, kinda separates Buffy/Angel which really needed to be done. Plus, the Mayor was the funnest villain of the series (including into Season 8).

Favorite Episode Well, I'd say The Body for its brilliance, but it isn't much fun to watch. And then there's Passion which was the most shocking (Who at the time didn't think that Jenny was going to escape at the last second?), but again - hideous heartbreak and all. So, what is the favorite? I think Graduation Day, Part I & II - You've got the wonderful Buffy/Faith (stuntperson's) fight, you've got that awesome erotic 'Angel feeds on Buffy' moment, you've got the Mayor being downright scary and his most human (in the hospital) and you've got the graduating class that Buffy has saved countless times joining her to fight for themselves.

Favorite Song Used In An Episode Errr, again with the vacillating - I really love "I touch the fire and it freezes me...." and I also love the 'Jenny is chased' theme and the 'Buffy holds Giles' theme in Passion, but for favorite, I think I'm gonna have to go with the Buffy and Angel Love Theme in Becoming. I always thought someone should use that orchestral score in figure skating.  

Favorite Female Character As much as I love Buffy for being the hero that she is and as much as I love SMG's work as her, I have to favorite Faith. Willow might have been a contender early on, but she sort of blew it with me in Season 5 and didn't do anything to recover her standing in S6 or S7 - in S8, she's just too to be a favorite, anymore.

Least Favorite Female Character I'm going to add a caveat to this because it would be too easy to pick a one-episode guest character to put in the slot so my caveat is it has to be somebody that was at least recurring... Amy Madison is certainly in the running (coalitiongirl's choice), especially in S8. Kennedy is an easy choice too, especially in S7. But I want to pick somebody I don't really like in all of their appearances - so I'm going to go with ... were any of the Potentials on more than once, with dialog - no, that's too easy, too. I'll say Katrina - I just wasn't all that impressed.

Favorite Male Character Xander Harris, all the way. I like Angel, I love S5 Spike, but Xan has my heart (and he's been elevated to my favorite character period in S8).

Least Favorite Male Character Only recurring need apply: Rack. I didn't like this character or his line delivery, despite having a crush on Jeff Kober when he was on China Beach and he's the instigator for the worse story idea in BTVS: Magic as Crack that completely lost track of the character flaw that Willow should have been dealing with, instead.

Favorite Friendship I always loved the Willow/Buffy friendship - and that continues into S8. Sure there was that rough period in S6 and S7, but I never felt like they'd lost the fact that they cared deeply for one another, even if they were too wrapped up in their own messes to stay as close as they were. And, Season 8 went a long way toward rebuilding what might have been lacking in S6 & S7.

Favorite Romance I know that they're angst-fest got repetitive, and I'm not even going to pretend to understand what is going on between them in Season 8, but it is still Buffy/Angel for me - Jenny/Giles is a really close second, though.

Least Favorite Season Season 6. I get what they were going for in exposing everyone's flaws and dealing with 'real life is hard', along with 'friends sometimes drift apart' (which was already visited in S4 - so was unnecessary) but it just didn't work for me. A lot of it can be laid at the (metaphorical) feet of the scripts - there wasn't anyone we could root for, as every single character was impacted in a negative way by their behavior (okay - not really Tara, but she annoyed me by not being more forceful early on about Willow's magical use and her going along so easily with no explanation when it came to resurrecting Buffy was OOC). I also found myself not all that emotionally affected by the goings on because I was too busy being subjected to James' overexposure. I also didn't like how no one except Spike seemed to take seriously that Buffy was so obviously having issues post-resurrection. I think things really suffered by the lack of Joss on a day to day basis in the script department.

Least Favorite Romance I need to mention a caveat in this one, too - Spuffy in S6 was not in any way 'romance', so it isn't even a consideration for favorite or least favorite. S7 Spuffy is my least favorite - even though I don't think they had a physical romance - just a psychological/emotional one. I hated that Spuffy happened at all, but I got it because of the place that Buffy was inhabiting then. I didn't get why there was still this ... hang over ... in S7. I fear S8, now that Spike has come out of the woodwork and is reacquainting with Buffy.

Least Favorite Episode Superstar is in the running because watching Marty Stu for an hour was too much inside-jokeyness. Where the Wild Things Are for the obvious, despite some great Giles moments was also in the running along with Teacher's Pet, the brainless I Robot, You Jane and the boring Beer Bad. But my least favorite must be The Killer in Me - Amy's curse was bizarre, I didn't buy the Kennedy kissing Sleeping Beauty/Snow White/Beauty & The Beast -esque ending it, and the episode was messily constructed.

Favorite Potential Slayer The nameless and obviously abused, heavy-set girl who is activated in Chosen, grabbing and stopping her abuser in the midst of taking another beating. I am so writing a fanfic about her being Called in spanderverse.

Favorite Female Villain Drusilla. She's so delightfully loopy and evil, but (especially when she appears in Angel) there is always something so fragile and vulnerable about her.

Favorite Male Villain The Mayor. All villains should be so funny, warm and disliking of swearing.

Episode You Like That Everyone Else Hates I honestly don't know what everyone hates (such a strong word) that I don't dislike, too and for the same reasons. Uh - maybe As You Were ... I didn't hate that episode, didn't hate that Riley came back, didn't loathe his wife and didn't hate that Spike was the villain of the piece - though I didn't like the eggs-pocalypse plot nor did I like that Buffy didn't stake Spike or at least banish him when he showed his 'true colors'. Not that I blame Spike, it's Buffy's fault for forgetting that he's a vampire with no soul and not remaining at least a little suspicious about his actions when out of sight - but there was no real follow through that he nearly caused a devastating plague of powerful demons to swarm Sunnydale.

Character You Relate To The Most None. I sympathize with them. I like or dislike them at different points. I want to hug 'em or shake 'em silly, but I don't "relate" to them - none of them are like me enough to see myself in any of them.

Character Who Didn’t Get Enough Screen Time I wanted to see more of Graham in S4 and his trying to undermine the Buffy/Riley relationship while she was flirting with becoming a Initiative member (which could have taken a few more episodes than it did before Dr. Walsh showed her hand). In fact, I think Walsh should have recruited Graham specifically to undermine Riley's growing involvement with 'a civilian'.

Character You Like That Everyone Else Hates Uh... what character could a large group hate that I actually like? Rona? How about Kendra (except that bad accent choice that no one stopped) - keeping with only recurring characters - I think maybe Rona wasn't especially liked, but I liked her "I'm not awe-struck by you Buffy, and you made a bad choices and we're not effing going back and confronting Caleb again without a lot more firepower" but I'll concede that the "ding dong the witch is dead" was out of line.

Best Spike-centric Episode I know everyone is going to say Fool for Love or Lover's Walk - but I'm going to go with... Actually, there isn't many episodes that really focus on Spike, is there? I mean, he's in a lot of episodes, but those that focus specifically on him...? In Buffy (as opposed to Angel or Spike: After the Fall)? I'll say, Lies My Parents Told Me.

Best Willow-centric Episode This one is a bit more complex, because there are several you could say 'focus' on her for at least part of the episode, like 'Restless' or 'Tough Love' - but I think my favorite Willow-centric episode has to be Dopplegangland.

Best Xander-centric Episode Arggh. I knew this would be next - and again - It's a difficult one because there are episodes where he really is the focus, The Pack - and some where he is focused on with everyone else, like Restless. Plus, he just plain plays such a major role in so many episodes, period, that you could say he is centric to those episodes - Dirty Girls, say. Xander-Centric? (As opposed to his just having a great scene in somebody else's story...) I'll go with: S8's Wolves at the Gate, in which he has a central role.

Two Characters You Wanted To Get Together That Never Did Even if it was for just one drunken clinch that they would never, ever mention again - Xander/Spike.

Favorite Example of 90s Special Effects I'm not sure if this is meant to be snarky or serious. If it's a real question, I'd go with the 'vampire dusting effects' post Season 1. If it's being snarky - I'd go with that CGI Snake in Shadow.

Favorite Buffyverse Saying I'm not sure I'd say 'favorite' because there is just SO much dialog to think about and revisit - but the first thing that popped into my head was: "What's the what?" so I'll just go with that. Note that I'm assuming you don't just mean "your favorite dialog" because that would require a whole different meme - What is Your Favorite Dialog in Each Episode - which would be prohibitively long... but I suddenly want to do it ... maybe in eight different posts (to include S8)....

Favorite Scooby Moment This one could be too vague. I'm going to include a caveat that by "Scooby Moment" we're referring to a scene where Buffy, Willow, Xander AND Giles are all present -- that would be the last time they're all together in Sunnydale High's hallway in Chosen (okay, okay, it wasn't THE Sunnydale High - but still, I love the echo all the way back to The Harvest and for the first time in a long, long time, they felt like those original characters we started to love, too).

Cutest Moment Arrrgh. One 'cutest' in all eight seasons?! Impossible. The first to spring into my mind immediately, and ergo I'll go with it, is Willow forgiving Buffy for leaving while being morally superior at the end of Dead Man's Party. Oh, and Jenny and Giles' argument about books vs. computers. Oh, and Xander's wiping ice cream off of Willow's nose - no, no, you can't pick one "cutest".

Character You Love To Hate Angelus. Yep, that simple.

Episode You Hate That Everyone Else Loves This one is easier than the opposite: Superstar. I loathed and was bored with the ultimate Marty Stu story, even though it was a comedy and not to be taken seriously.

What You Think Made [Makes] Buffy So Great The writing - the dialog is always snappy and engaging or heartbreaking and engaging or clever and engaging. What makes Buffy, the character, so great is her refusal to reach the point where she surrenders - even when she thinks she can't go on, she finds a way to do it and I love that she confounds expectations to win not because she's such a tactical genius, but just because she thinks so differently from everyone around her. She always finds a solution that no one else has thought of, and that shocks and awes the bad guys.

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