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Political Games II

Representative Michelle Bachmann, in addition to being a loopy as they come, is also an asshole.

Not to mention, a hypocrite. Wouldn't "commandeering" vessels be the act of a socialist power grab by the government? Can anyone see Mitch B not being among the first in line to scream at the top of her lungs that Obama was acting like a dictator if he tried to force private enterprise to turn over their ships?

I fucking hate this woman with the burning of a heat rash....

This sort of blatant 180-degree spin in sanctimonious public statements with absolutely zero recognition of the inherent contradiction drives me up the wall - see also: Jindal, Bobby - on government spending. Amazing how the tune changes when it comes to your state, eh, but volcano monitoring is this strange, far out waste of public dollars since Louisiana doesn't have any of those. What they do have is oil rigs off of their coast, though, which means that now that something has gone disastrously wrong (well you know, who could have predicted that gutting regulation enforcement could have, like, negative consequences), now the Feds should be sparing no dollar to build miniature islands in the gulf to protect Bobby's marshes... after we order private companies to turn over their freighters, of course.

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