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"My Buffyholism's..." Poll - Inca Mummy Girl


First, to your question before the main poll even starts: Yes, this episode always feels more Season 1-ish to me than S2. I like to think of it as innocent times before the gang is forced to grow up (especially Buffy - you can't remain starry-eyed and naive when dealing with Angelus). Plus in the next few episodes you have "Lie to Me" (friends can betray you) and "The Dark Age" (the adults in your life aren't perfect and can disappoint you).

Okay - the actual poll:

1. Some fans have speculated that Ampata was a Slayer. What say you?

Nope, not a Slayer - just a "Chosen One" of a different sort.

2. Okay, eskimo!Willow vs ghost!Willow from Halloween (the actual sheet ghost, not the sexy ghost she turns into later).

Eskimo!Willow, definitely. GhostCostume!Willow is boring - as is all costumes that rely on a sheet with holes in it (uh - exception to prove the rule - Toga'd sex slave). Plus, eskimo!Willow is adorable and while the sheet!Willow is unrecognizable. AND, you just have to give props to anyone in California that would spend a whole evening buried in a coat twice their size. I can only admire her perseverance and stamina. I hope she remembered to drink lots of water. Really, this one doesn't even seem like a choice!

3. Let's imagine that Ampata wasn't a life-sucking mummy girl. How would you feel about her with Xander?

They'd be a cute couple. I liked the actress who played Ampata and I think she would have made a nice character. My heart doesn't exactly break that she was a one-shot though, since I also really liked Anya, when she wasn't vengeancing.

4. So...what was Angel doing during this episode? Select all that apply.

Well, there are multiple choices, which is why you should be clicking linky before reading my opinions - but I discounted the humorous and jokey hair answers (oh, you were serious?). I went with brooding - because he's always brooding - in this case I chose that he'd been brooding on Buffy, but really all of the brood-options probably apply. And also, that he was actively investigating Dru and Spike's appearance in Sunnydale even though I don't know exactly what he'd be investigating or how he'd go about it. I mean, did he drop in for a drink and start pumping them for information on why they were there? Did he make a trip to Willy's on the off chance that somebody might have heard of the two new vampire in town and been told all about their plans?

5. Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

You know, it's odd. I love Xander, but I'm never really loving the episodes where he is the focus. Hmmm. 3-stars.

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