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Since I've been cross-friending more people very recently and have had more visitors, I've decided to post my list of Spanderverse titles in the order they should be read and a link to Ch1 of each. Yes, if you went over to spanderverse, you could just use the archive and use the calender - but it's my blog and I can post what I want *smile* -

I'm also working on my tags - I'd like to have less of them, frankly. First I have to eliminate a bunch of the in the spanderverse posts and then I'll see how many times I've used each. Hopefully, there will be quite a few of them that I can eliminate in order to have a shorter list of tags. I want to do this because among the tags are the story titles in spanderverse, so the list itself is going to continually be increasing in length on the side of the page. We'll see how that goes - there are a lot of chapters whose tagging I have to edit. But, I also want to edit the entries to include a "jump to next chapter/story" link to make navigation through the community posts easier. Again, that is a lot of chapters to edit and LJ isn't always kind with the load speed which leads to frustration - but we'll see how it goes.

Spanderverse Series:

BTVS seasons 1-4.
Spanderverse: After 314  (six chapters)

Spanderverse: Spike (one chapter)

Spanderverse: Dracula (fourteen chapters)

Spanderverse: Burial (two chapters)

BTVS: Real Me
Spanderverse: Confusion of Three (seventeen chapters)

Preludes (eight chapters)

Tensions (six chapters)

Old Friends (five chapters)

Hospital Visits (seven chapters)

The Risks of Glory (eight chapters)

Hunting Our Needs (ten chapters)

The Family We Choose (seven chapters)

Falling Apart (six chapters)

Sunnydale Antics (five chapters)

Feints and Counter-Feints (seven chapters)

Pathways (six chapters)

BTVS: The Body
Coming Together (nine chapters)

Songs of Pain and Comfort (ten chapters)

Battling with a God/Glory's Moment (twenty-eight chapters)

Spanderverse: Points of View One (one chapter) [a.k.a. Anya]

Spanderverse: Points of View Two (one chapter) [a.k.a. Willow]

Spanderverse: Points of View Three (one chapter) [a.k.a. Xander]

Spanderverse: Points of View Four (one chapter) [a.k.a. Tara]

Rebuilding (thirty chapters)

Dawn (one chapter)

The Cost of Giles
(twenty-five chapters)

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