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S8 Fence Sitting - I know how you feel....

May I direct your attention to this wonderful essay on the good and bad of BTVS: S8?

Now, obviously, I'll have more to say as my individual issue reviews progress, but much of the problems that 2maggie2 is having with the season and the S8 mythos mirrors my own (and I would guess, a LOT of the fandoms). I really hate to doubt Buffy and Joss' handling of her, but I am so confused by Twilight/Angel that I'm having trouble imagining how in the hell this can be made to make sense - especially Angel's "I let dozens of Slayers get killed, then allowed dozens in not hundreds of humans get killed in war with those Slayers 'cause I wanted to stop the Slayers from being conspired against" arc.

If it isn't some sort of massive, magical, mindf**k on Angel - how can we make sense of this? Remember, this isn't Angelus killing Jenny - this is Angel (as far as we know) - Champion Extraordinaire to the PTB and pining lover to the girl he has apparently put in danger by firing missiles at her HQ and beating her bloody. (I'm choosing to reject to believe that Cordy was his sudden new love....)

I try not to underestimate Joss' ability to turn around a plot and make it brilliant, but he's not actually God and I'm thinking there needs to be some real divine influence to make this Twilight arc not suck.

I am a-fear-ed. I'm also anxious for the plot to be wrapped up (brilliantly, he crosses his fingers) so I can read 2maggie2's thoughts on how the arc worked (or didn't). But I am also really hoping that Stormwreath and gabrielleabelle will give us an arc-review with their thoughts on what this all meant....

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