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Yay to Gay!

Like a locomotive with no brake, the tide appears to have turned against the homo-haters (though of course, it's never about 'hating gay people'. We'd be perfectly acceptable if we'd just stop having sex, or faking being straight a lot more by marrying an opposite gender).

DADT was always a poor compromise - simply because the onus wasn't on "not flaunting your sexuality" as much as it was "hide, hide, hide and lie, lie, lie or you'll lose your livelihood and be thrown out on your flaming ass". This created problems when it came to the fact that we have two wars that we needed troops for (in addition to the keeping our bases manned and to do the usual day to day work of the military) and yet goofing in the front of the wrong person and mentioning a boy- or girl- friend could get you fired.

It didn't even always need to be a 'fact' that you were *gasp, horror* queer - a "credible accusation" could be enough and really, how do you prove you're not gay, short of stripping down and having a porn with the opposite gender right there in the commander's office.

So, it was a bad policy, even setting aside the "protect us from those godless sinners" reasons and the "OMG- I'll just lose it if some guy (girl) checks out my behind!!!!11111!!" paranoia. But, though these sorts of fearmongerings against the "perverted Hellbound" continue - they're having less and less affect on real public policy and general discourse - and that is pretty amazing.

House Votes to Allow Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Law 

But, even more impressive for the cause of equal right to be included in the defense of our nations for those who bravely step forward to serve...

Senate Panel Votes To End Don't Ask, Don't Tell

This by no stretch means we've won and the debate is over, of course. We all only have to look at California to see how quickly things can be taken away and we still have the battle going on over implementation and a timeline for it...

Service Chiefs Seek to Delay Vote on Gays

And, of course, the days when we were political clubs to use against the 'other side' isn't even close to over...

Republicans Threaten Filibuster Over ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

And one must admit that the crazies, fundamentalist mentality hasn't gone anywhere...

Family Research Council: End Of DADT Means More Gay Rape In The Military

But, at least more than ever, people are coming forward to actively and loudly dispute fact-not-in-evidence when it's put out there by those whose real goal is, ultimately, to put us under their version of a Christian theocracy...

Worries about Inference: A Closer Look at the Family Research Council's Report on Homosexual Assault in the Military

And thankfully, the vast majority of Americans want an end to a policy that encourages deceit for no true, legitimate purpose but a sense of prurience and blind terror at the thought of having yet one more group that it isn't okay to publicly hate freely and proudly without looking like a dumb-ass...

Listen to the American people: Repeal "don't ask don't tell"

And more and more of our representatives in Congress are getting the fact that it isn't that big of a deal, anymore. Including my personal hero - Representative Patrick Murphy who made me so proud to be an American when he completely made a fool of that hideous woman.


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