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New Poll - School Hard-centric

Quick, rush over and vote in the poll! Okay, now that you're done, you may bask in my astute observations....

In Spike's opening scene, Drusilla doesn't appear to be in the car with him. Where was she?

She was laying across the front seat, with her head in Spike's lap... why do you think he was so distracted and crashed into that sign?

Spike tells Buffy that he's gonna kill her on Sunday. Then he launches a surprise attack during Parent-Teacher night. Cunning tactical plan or did he just get bored?

He got bored. He does that when he's not horndogging on Xander... at least in my mind, that how things happen.

Angel uses Xander to try to convince Spike that he's still evil. He offers to share Xander with Spike (in a bite-y) way. Uh...what was Angel's ultimate plan?

I had to accept the answer given - he was gonna yank Xander back at the last minute (probably a bit too hard and then probably letting him so he'd *oops* run into the wall for being such a huge ass) and then stake Spike - but the other vampire was too wiley to fall for his awkward acting and rather transparent attempt at trickery.

So, how did Spike know that Angel was faking?

I'm glad you asked - Angelus wouldn't have been that friendly toward him (and then there's that thing with the awkward acting and transparent trickery).

Spike tells Angel that he was his sire. Fool For Love shows that Drusilla was Spike's sire. Explainy?

Well, you see it's like this - the writer's hadn't really figure out how it all... oh - you mean give you an 'in series' explanation. Well, you see, it's like this - Dru may have turned him, but it was Angelus who taught Spike how to survive. Plus Angelus was the one who provided Spike something to fight against in the early days what with all of that smacking him down, and debauchery with Drusilla and so forth. He really shaped the way Spike developed... much more than poor daffy Dru.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

I gave it a four, but I'm not sure it deserves every one of those stars. I tend to think it's over-rated because Spike is introduced and he rids us of the annoying one so we tend to want to give him lots of gold stars.

Hey, wait - I didn't say anything especially astute!
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