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You remember that 'Unpopular Rants, Opinions...." thing that I posted and linked to the originator?

Of course you do. And, if you don't, there is a reason why there is a clickable link up there!

Well, you just knew there had to be one for Angel posted - and you just know I have to respond. (By the way - I brought Angel #16 to review tonight, but work-stuff is unusually nightmarish so I don't have the time to devote to it - maybe tomorrow night....)

I'm not really sure if there are any revelations I can make that would shock and appall like my confession that James' nudity got boring to me in S6 (grin), but try these on for size:

1- I found Doyle's death unmoving (the character's, not the actor's who I had a bit of a mini-crush on).

2- Ditto Cordelia's death - in fact, I think her exit was overdue since they screwed up her character so badly.

3- Sometimes I laugh during Faith's frantic pounding on Angel's chest, even though I find Eliza's acting outstanding as a nowhere-to-go/just-kill-me-and-end-this-torment Faith - I don't know why.

4- I found Kate boring and didn't miss her (but I blame the writers, not the actress).

5- Ditto pretty much all of Season 1 that doesn't involve Faith - including yet another cryfest of Bangel.

6- I think they should have had Charles die in that alley (see Angel #16 and beyond). It's not that I didn't like him, but really - he was pretty far gone - it feels like a cheat for him to have not expired.

7- Sometimes I had really unkind thoughts toward Fred (as in - if they aren't careful, they'll have to rename her Mary Sue). Then they killed her and now I feel guilty about that... a smidge.

8- I found it far way more distasteful for Angel to watch Cordy/Connor than the actual coupling (especially since Cordelia's choice in a bedmate was retro-actively explained to be Jasmine's plot).

9- I think Lila was a better villain and way more hot than Lindsey
(there is my big revelation).

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