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Buffy polls answers, Part IV

I'm almost caught up with the Slayerettes' posted polls:

...which main character from any show (Buffy, Angel) do you identify with the most? And why?

I've answered this one before and I just don't think I can say I "identify" with any characters. Not really - not the way I think of "identify" anyway - which is that the character is 'so like me, he could be me!' way. I can sympathize with any of them in the right story, but I think that is different from identifying with them.

Who is your favourite supporting character, why? I'm defining a 'supporting character' as any character that was not regularly featured in the opening credits.

Faith. Complex, easy to love and hate, one of the most exciting and dynamic characters and Eliza does so much with her.

If there is (or rather, was) only one Slayer in every generation what are your personal theories about the Vamp/Demon population worldwide: is it the same everywhere or are there more Vamps/Demons in places where there are mystical forces like a Hellmouth?
If it is the same everywhere do you imagine there are other groups of evil fighters?

There are definitely more than just one Slayer fighting the forces of darkness - Angel the Series did a lot to expand the roster of evil fighters (including actual warrior angels in the latest S6 comics). I think the Slayer though is called to places where world ending threats are occurring or are about to occur as seen by the PTB (like the threat of a Hellmouth opening). In the meantime, the Slayer sort of 'wastes time' fighting the average demons in her area of influence - but her real purpose is to stop the end of the world. I also believe that the PTBs really co-opted the Slayer for their own use. It seems obvious to me that the First Slayer was created by a specific tribe to specifically stop that tribe from being attacked by the demons of the time. It seems to me that the "higher powers" then stepped in to create the Slayer-line from the First Slayer and to then use her to stop larger threats that she wasn't originally 'designed' to fight.

On all the shows (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse) there are often plotlines or potential plotlines which were for whatever reason (actors leaving, time/money, cancellation etc) never explored.

Which plotlines, or potential plotlines, do you wish had been explored or given more airtime? And Why?

The Invisible Assassins are the obvious ones - they should appear in S9 of Buffy and/or Angel: Aftermath (I'm not sure that Angel will be separated into seasons like Buffy). Since we're out of the realm of lame puppetry and cut-rate CGI, they could have Angel fight a She-Mantis and expand that mythos a bit. Buffy should fights a demonic army that includes those foot soldiers, the Hellhounds, from The Prom. I'd like to see Buffy or Angel fight Greek mythological figures (their existence is suggested by the Oracles on AtS). I'd like to know what they ever did with Acathla! They have to provide another follow up on the Fray timeline. I wouldn't mind Andrew having to confront Jonathon's ghost. The Simone and her Slayers situation is still hanging and I want to see the Slayers take down Harmony for good - or perhaps Angel.

I really want to see some coordination between Angel and Buffy - I hate that the mistake of having both series with different controlling parties was repeated with the comic books. That is probably handled by FOX licensing though, but I wonder if Mutant Enemy had any say at all with the titles being split up between IDW and Dark Horse - because that was kind of stupid.

Lilah, from her first appearance in that cheesy demon fight club episode of season 1 of Angel to her corruption of Angel Investigations in the finale of season four, was always fun. Unrepentant and well heeled, she made a great baddie. She had such interesting relationships and rivalries with Angel, Lindsey, and Wesley. I always thought that it was a damn shame that they couldn't have gotten her to be in season five. It would have been interesting to see her interact with Spike and Harmony and then rest of the gang as a liaison.

What do you all think about her various arcs and development and possible future? I haven't really kept up with the comics, because I'm scared given the buzz, so I don't know if she shows up in season six. What do you think happened to her after "Home?"

I loved Lilah's snark and attitude. It would have been awesome if she was the S5 liaison, but I'm not sure I could see any reason for her to return in the S6 comics since Wes would be far more effective - especially with the implosion of W & H following "After the Fall"... perhaps they could run into her in another country while on a mission? She could be trying to save a foothold in Rome, perhaps, for W & H in this reality? I don't know - but I'm positive she's still working somewhere on advancing W & H's interests.

Angel being Twilight in this season was:

Insane. Illogical. Weird. Stupid. Uh - uh, Crazy and uh, WTH.

Buffy's reaction to him being the villain was:

Cool when she punched him - weird when she went all sex-crazy (but right now, I'm choosing to believe it is part of this glowing/superpowers/cosmic re-start of universe thing that is happening and she wasn't in her right mind... and neither was Angel because he is also under the influence of a weird Prophecy thing - yeahs, I'm going with that because I desperate that Joss is going to explain this satisfactorily).

Buffy and Angel being the chosen ones:

I have no problem believing that portion of the arc. I could certainly see this tying into the creation of the Fray-verse in which the demons and vampires were locked out of our reality for hundreds of years (perhaps that reality is a completely new universe created by Buffy and Angel here - an alternate universe in which Buffy didn't snap out of the afterglow thing to go back and save their friends). I just want some ending to this silliness and Buffy and Angel to return to normal (or as close as Angel gets - which he is over in his own title and I don't want the two titles to be in different timelines).

Angel's acting:

Like a douchebag, but I believe it is because he's been under the influence of a greater cosmic force (possibly a faction of the PTB who is tired of the eternal war between good and evil - perhaps the very ones that manipulated Cordelia for Jasmine's return).

Spike coming in[to] the action:

Is fine, for the moment - but I really think he's been overexposed in general. Although, the idea of Buffy fulfilling her Ethan-exposed fantasy makes me giddy....

Buffy's reaction to Spike coming shows:

I double checked the last panel that Buffy appears on - everyone who says she didn't know it was Spike is wrong - he is clearly standing outside of the arriving sphere of whatever-whatever. Now, her reaction says "Holy shit!"

It doesn't tell us if she's shocked to see him, or just shocked to see him there and then.

The story so far is:

Buffy's arc is great. The Twilight Organization against the Slayers because U.S. military (or some faction thereof) is frightened of their power is great. Angel as Twilight attacking the Slayers and Buffy to save them (except for the dead ones) is... I'm struggling for a word... daft. Nonsense. Stupid. All those words I used above. I'd add painfully inept in plotting - Joss, was this really you or did you have minimal input, like with BTVS, S6 because you were busy with Dollhouse and gearing up for The Avengers movie? Please save this mess!

So far the Twilight explanation is:

Wha? Huh? What you say, now?

Joss writing the last arc:

Very cool - but I'm not sure he can save this (wasn't he heavily involved in S7, too?).

The writers and artists in season 8:

Inconsistent and I'm not convinced that they aren't also lost with this Twilight plot.

The story possibly turning into a Spuffel triangle:  

I'm okay with it if it puts some closure on the whole thing. Buffy needs to choose, even if it's "none of the above" which I'd prefer since Riley is back without his annoying wife.

Xander and Buffy:

Have some UST, but it should remain unresolved as long as Dawn/Xander are a thing. And, Buffy? Tacky.

Season 8:

Is... disappointing, but canon, nevertheless. Sorry, haters. Although I have no right to talk since the Halloween series for me jumps from Halloween to H20 and then ends.

There's nothing like a good flashback scene and the Whedonverse has some great ones so....

-What is your favourite flashback scene? And why?
-What do you think is the best flashback scene? (in terms of adding to a character(s) story or explaining something about the show?) And why?

I've asked about both your "favourite" and the "best" flashback scenes because sometimes what you think is the best and what your favourite is can be different things. But it's cool if your favourite is the one you also think is the best.

This one is tough because the obvious answer is Fool For Love - so let's get more specific for these questions.

For Best, I'm going to say the Flashback to Spike's history with his mother in "Lies My Parents Told Me" - it explains so much about his relationship Drusilla as someone who needs to be taken care of, and yet runs the whole show. Plus, "turn mom as a gift, she gets sexually aggressive on my ass, I have to stake her" is just awesome.

My favorite though, is Buffy's speech to Dawn as she tumbles through the life sucking portal. Especially her final acknowledgment that "this is the work I've been called to do" and "tell Giles I figured it out, and I'm okay". Breaks my heart and uplifts me at the same time. Just compare this Buffy with the one in the library in Prophecy Girl.

Anybody got funny inconsistencies to share?

I'm not really good and spotting flubs or inconsistencies or whatnot, but the big one to me is how nobody seems to recall that Jesse ever existed. Great friends that Willow and Xander turned out to be!

Current Poll YOU Can Still Answer: 

Who's Spike? [A how cool do you find him question] 

He was a fascinating character - he's still fun and sexy, but he's really getting overexposed - and in other character's titles, too - really rude.

Why do you like him?

Because James Marsters is brilliant and he would have made me love "Lumpy the coal boy - who provides Buffy with uh, coal for the fireplace guy" if that was the role he was given. And plus, he seems to be a really easy character for the writer's to give dialog to.

And if you don't...

I do like him, but I'll admit that I got tired of seeing him in S6 - HELLO, IT WASN'T ABOUT SPIKE OR HIS NEAR NAKEDNESS! 

Best Spike line is:

Spike's mocking of Angel, play-acting in In the Dark.

Best line, which describes Spike is:


Best Spike season:

Buffy, S5. I could love him and want him without being guilty over that whole 'trying to kill the Scoobies' thing, but he hadn't yet become mired down in taking off his clothes and pining pathetically for the Slayer who despised him.

Worst Spike season:

Spike suffered along with everyone else in S7 of Buffy. He was given little to do too often and it was even worse than when all he had to do was make out with SMG, when he should have been seducing Xander (no, I cannot let the spander go).

Best Spike episode:

Intervention - he's tough, he's sarcastic, he's protective of Dawn and he's brave in the face of torture.

Favourite Spike ship:  

Canon - Spike and Dru

Non Canon- Spike and Xander, 'natch, I only keep bringing it up

Spike's best in:  

Buffy the TV series

One of the great things about the Jossverse is the fanon the shows inspire. However, some fanon can be annoying. So....
What fanon do you dislike? And why?

(This could be character traits or actions, situations, plot lines etc. As usual, interpret the question any way you like.)  

The "Buffy is an awful bitch because poor, wittle Spikey is treated like a vampire" fic.
Psycho-Riley fic.
Psycho-Anya (so Spike can hook up with Xander instead) fic.
Rape fic (I don't mind it if it is handled sensitively as part of a greater story - I just don't like story that is focused on that).
M-Preg/Ass babies fic.
All-human fic (I don't understand the point).
Giles having sex with Buffy or Faith or *shudder* Dawn(!) fic.

Super-Xander fic (that would include Wolverine-Xander or Batman-Xander).

And, hey - I'm finally caught up! Please make sure you click the linky above to vote in the newest poll - and why not just hit the 'Friend Me' button while you're there? Oh, and please comment on my choices if you feel strongly about it!

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