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Buffy polls answers, Part III

We're at March  7th....

What twists would you like to see in Season 8?

Ugh, where to start: I'd like for Buffy and Angel to nearly destroy us because they were under the influence of a mind-altering Prophecy/Cosmic power thingie, especially Angel. I'd like for Buffy and Angel to come out of this without the Superman/Supergirl powers and go back to just having vampire and Slayer strengths. I want to see more of the Giles/Faith team up that was heavily implied by "No Future for You".

What are your favourite Season 8 meta essays or reviews?

Go and read Stormwreath's essays....

The first is: what is the best love story in any Whedon-fandom? (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse or Dr. Horrible) And why?

I can only answer within the Buffy/Angel series....

The answer is Willow/Tara. Why? They were the most... settled... and Tara was a maturing influence on the whole relationship. Compare to Xan/Anya in which both were equally immature or Buffy/Angel in which they spent as much time fighting to the death as having sex and as much time crying as kissing.

If they actors and crew had been willing, should Buffy have continued after the 7th season? If yes, why and how should it have continued? If no, why?

I used to think they should have had TV movies. Now, I'm not so sure - where could Buffy and the gang have gone after 'Chosen'?

I think a Faith TV movie would have been awesome, maybe co-starring Spike and Willow. Giles should have been given the 'Ripper' series, or TV movie completely separate from Buffy.

Otherwise, I'm happy with them continuing in the comic series (if not exactly happy with the arcs).

What are your favourite crossover fanfictions from any Whedonverse show (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse or Dr. Horrible)? And Why?

-Fics can be from lj or elsewhere.
-The crossover can be between any two or more Whedonverse shows (e.g. A crossover between Buffy and Angel) or a Whedonverse show and another fandom (e.g. Buffy and Harry Potter).

Favorite has been a Hercules/Xena/Buffy crossover - but I cannot find it, damn it. I remember that Buffy and Hercules have to go through a death maze to seek out a McGuffin and that Giles gets to spend a night of passion with Xena. I know it was very, very well written.

[Joss Whedon about his "Buffy" and "Angel" TV shows] "Redemption is something you have to fight for in a very personal, down-dirty way. Some of our characters lose that, some stray from that, and some regain it." (May 13, 2004)

Which characters (in any Whedon fandom: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse) do you think this applies to? And why?

So many - I started to list them when I realized I could basically just say "all of them" in Buffy and Angel - seriously, who hasn't gone right into the darkness and are now trying to redeem themselves? Maybe done (maybe done? maybe done?! Obviously got tired - should be DAWN), but even she cheated on her boyfriend (albeit that is very minor next to the sins of the others - but let's give her some time).

In Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse, who was the most evil character?

I think, surprisingly (and again only speaking from BTVS and AtS), Anyanka. "My boyfriend was a sleazy cheater, so now I'll wholesale slaughter men every time a woman gets pissed". She also chose to forsake her humanity TWICE to become a demon.

How do you feel about the Xander/Anya relationship? In Doublemeat Palace, did Halfrek have a point about the way Xander treated Anya? Do you think that if Xander had gone through with the wedding, he and Anya would have had a happy marriage? If Anya had lived (*sob*), do you think they'd have gotten back together?

I'd name Xander/Anya has the couple with the most complex relationship because both had their own baggage and a lot of it that they brought into the relationship. They also more or less fell into one another on accident rather than knowing each other and then feeling an attraction. Halfrek may have had a point about Xander, but she had ulterior motives to plant the seeds of doubt in Anya, so anything she said was suspect.

I want to believe that if the marriage had gone forward, Xander would have grown out of his doubts, but he's a damaged man (this may have changed during S7 - he's seems far more well adjusted in S8). Anya was also struggling (with her own personal growth - the fact she turned back to demonhood so quickly when she got hurt speaks to a deep immaturity). I don't know, they may have ended up helping each other through (ignoring for the sake of argument Joss' desire to destroy all couples).

If Anya had survived, I think they would have ended up back together and this time, it would have stuck - though perhaps without another attempt at a wedding. I still think Xan's association with the word 'marriage' is very negative and hangs over him like a thick shroud. I feel that Anya would be far more cautious the second time around in accepting any such proposal if their relationship was working the way it was.

Which season of Btvs did you like Buffy best in? And Why?

Season 3. Even though she falters under Faith's influence and the pressure of Wes/the Council's demands on her - I still think she's at her best when reaching out to Faith and trying to pull her back from the brink. When it is obvious that Faith cannot be saved, she's intelligent and strategic in how to expose her and then beat her - and she leads the graduating class against the Mayor-Snake-Demon, and wins. Her most shining moment though is definitely her leap from the tower in The Gift, S5.

Which season in either Buffy or Angel did you like Angel best in? And why?

Umm... I'm gonna go with AtS, S3 because he was the most humanized there.

In Buffy and Angel, death is not necessarily the end for a character. A lot of characters die and then are resurrected.

So, I'm going to be pretty broad with my definition of resurrection and say that (for the purpose of this question) basically whenever a character died and then appeared again in Buffy and Angel, they were resurrected.

(Some examples include but are not limited to William being turned into Spike, Liam being turned into Angelus, Darla becoming human, Jenny appearing as the First Evil, Angel coming back from Hell, Willow appearing as Warren, Cordelia appearing in Season 5 Ats, Buffy coming back from the dead, Illyria pretending to be Fred, Darla appearing to Connor, Connor in Season 5 AtS etc)

So, whose resurrection was the best, whose was the worst, who should have been resurrected and who shouldn't have been resurrected?

Huh. With the definition being so broad, this one takes a bit of thought. For best - I'll go with Darla being re-vamped by Drusilla. For worst - Willow suddenly appearing as Warren was just too bizarre and Amy made no sense - that gets worst from me.

Summarise what you believe the main message of any or all of Joss' shows (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse) to be.

There is no such thing as being irredeemable. And it's all about personal responsibility and choices. And love. I'm sorry, did you really expect a single message?

What is everyone's thoughts about Willow's character development from hacker to witch?

Also, my other question is on the "magic=drugs" metaphor in season six. What was up with that? I always figured that it was about power and control that Willow never really had.

I liked how they used Willow as witch, so I don't at all object to that arc, but I wish we would see more of Willow as computer genius, too (they still pull it out, but she is clearly far more interested in magic than technology).

Magic equals drugs - stupid, done in a blunt hit-me-over-the-head-with-Olaf's-hammer way. It was horrible. And you are correct. As I've stated in a previous answer - Willow's problems weren't addiction to magic - they were related to her using magic to get her own way when things got hard and denying other people their right to disagree with her, even if it made life harder for her. It was both about the need to control her environment and about her not wanting to have to actually *deal* with unpleasant and hard things in life. Magic was the means, not the problem in and of itself. This character weakness had been hinted at throughout the series leading to her huge fall in S6.

How do you think the writers would have handled a gay male storyline?

They did handle a gay male storyline - by being cutesy, humorous and coy with Spike/Xander (Beneath You), Angel/Spike (multiple episodes) and Andrew (multiple episodes). If there was a direct gay storyline? They would have never kissed on-screen ala Willow/Tara and everything would have been implied and quickly passed by. In other words, they would have handled it badly.

Joss has always had strong depictions of friendship throughout his work. 
(From any show- Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible) What are some of your favourite depictions of friendships?
(The depiction can be of certain characters overall friendships and/or certain acts of friendship between characters)

Speaking only from the BTVS/AtS 'verses - favorites are definitely the way Buffy and Xander inter-relate. Even when Xan is being a bit jerkish toward her, it is always because he's seeing things more clearly than her and she needs to hear it, but whenever she is in trouble, he is on her side, full stop. I love that.

I also love Willow and Buffy - especially when one or the other of them is in emotional pain and the other is there to hold them while they cry. In fact, I love the way grief is dealt with and how the characters come together to physically comfort one another throughout Buffy.

I'm not sure there is the same deep dynamic to any of the Angel characters. But I really like the deep respect that Cordelia and Angel developed (before and post possession by Jasmine), which hasn't ended with Cordy's death.

Our next Joss'd is about the first episodes of Joss Whedon's works... Buffy or Angel. Which pilot do you think worked best and why? (Question originally included all Joss pilots - I don't remember Firefly's enough to comment and didn't catch Dollhouse - I'm really not much into television serials these days - but I might get Dollhouse on DVD.)

Which one was the worst and why?

We'd love your help to discuss this topic! What do you think?

Note, we're talking the first episode (not the two parter if there was one). And try to focus on the episode structure and why it worked (not if you *liked* it or not).

Angel worked better than Buffy - but that's mostly because of the experience under the belt of the creative team. I also think Angel's premise in the pilot was more focused on who he was and where he was trying to go than Buffy's general hodgepodge pilot.

Throughout the Jossverse there are some fantastic family relationships.
What are your favourites? And what are your least favourites? And why?

Can only go with Buffyverse: Favorite family relationships is the Giles/Buffy father-daughter dynamic on Buffy and the Angel/Spike brothers-in-arms/rivals relationship on AtS.

Least favorite on Buffy is the way Hank Summers got shafted with no real explanation. On Angel? It would be easy to say Connor, especially outside of the comic book - but I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to go with the older brother/little sis vibe of Angel/Fred which was really annoying in some episodes.  

In any t.v. show there are likely to plot holes and changing of canon. What plot holes and instances of the writers changing canon annoy you the most? And why?

Angel's entire characterization in Season 1 of Buffy through the episode, Angel. On AtS, it is easily the out-of-left-field romantic interest between Angel/Cordelia which even the actors obviously weren't buying.  

Which character was treated the worse in terms of their characterisation over the course of a series? (i.e. who do you think went from being a great character to changing for the worse?)

Xander. Season 6 and 7 of BTVS really put him in a holding pattern and allowed zero growth or change. (Cordelia's whole ascending and then coming back as possessed and then going into a coma and then dying and becoming a higher being was really screwed up and not at all well developed on AtS.)

What is your OTP (one true pairing)? Why do you love your OTP? What made you love them in the first place? If you are a writer, why do you write them? If you are a reader of fanfic, why do you like reading them?

I like to think that as a concept I'll accept multiple pairings and don't cling to an OTP. As a practical matter - it's really Xan/Spike all the way. I don't know why I'm so enamored, except that I think James had a lot of fun throwing glances at Nicky on set which made it easy to see a subtext.

I just watched Somnambulist today and a particular line stood out to me:

Angel: I used to have a connection with those I sired.  It just means he’s close, that’s all.

What do you think Angel meant by "used to"?
Also, i'd like to hear people's theories on what the connection actually is. Just dreams? A feeling? Something else?

I think that the sire bond weakens the longer that the sire/sired are out of each other's company. Connection - I think - just means they can sense when each other are nearby and probably allows the Sire to entrench some sort of deep emotional connection with their sired if they so choose to exercise it (Darla with Angel, Angel with Dru, Dru with Spike) - but I also think it is in no way automatic (Harmony and nearly all of her 'minions').

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