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Buffy polls answers, Part II

Yay, more of my opinions! Aren't you lucky - don't you feel blessed, aren't you saying "Oh, cool! I love this guy's opinions!"?

What's a Scooby?

Hmmm, a deceptively simple inquiry. What is a Scooby? The core four? Is Tara a Scooby? How about Oz? How far out from the central "circle" does the term Scooby apply?

Oh, I suppose I should actually answer - I hate when people answer a question with another question. Uhm - I'm gonna go with "A Scooby is a member of Buffy's sacred, trusted circle of friends".

So, I'd include Tara, but not Oz. I'd include Angel, but not Riley (unless he ends up sticking around in the S8 comic, then he'll be elevated to Scooby member). I'd include Giles, even though he seems to drift into and out of Buffy's immediate life, but I wouldn't include Faith since they can't seem to be in the same room without a fistfight breaking out.

Do you think the Scoobies locked others out?

Yes, but not deliberately. It's a consequence of allowing world-saving to force them into giving up any sort of 'normal' life.

Scoobies were mostly united in [which season]?

S5. I don't recall any arguments between the principals in S5 and the threat of Glory really drew the gang to stick together.

Scoobies were least united in:

I almost said S4, because of all of the secrets - but that would've been dumb. The clear answer is S6 when "things fell apart, the center could not hold".

What drift them apart in the later seasons?

Secrecy. In both S4 and S6, it was not opening up to one another with the truth of what they were going through that put rifts in the unity of the group.

Buffy's [like what Scooby Doo character]:

Since I find it endlessly amusing, I'll go with the given option in the poll of
: Don't know.Maybe she's just Buffy-Doo.

Buffy-Doo. LOL LOL LOL

Willow's [like what Scooby Doo character]:

Velma Dinkley - assuming Velma ever got over her bulky orange sweatshirt/red skirt phase.

Xander's [like what Scooby Doo character]:

As much as I like Xander the Man-Doo as a general answer, I'm just gonna have to say Xan is most like Fred, but not quite him.

Gile's [er, Giles... is like what Scooby Doo character]:

I gotta go with "not applicable". Giles is more like the kind, wisely guest professor who helps explain how the bad guy faked a supernatural menace at the end of the mystery.

Did we miss a Scooby in your opinion?

I'm gonna put Cordelia in the Scooby Gang family... do I think Buffy particularly likes Cordy - nah, but I do think she'd trust her. I'm also going to put Angel, Tara, Dawn and Spike into the Scooby Gang, as long as we're stretching beyond the core-4.

Your Fav Scooby is:

Xander. Not even a question of that.

Do you like the Scoobies?

Mostly. They can all have their unlikable moments, but so can I and so can my significant others and so can ... well, I don't actually have friends, but when I did.... (I kid, but if you wish to evince sympathy, send a check).

Buffy, as a show, has always inspired debate. There are plot lines people love and plot lines people hate.
So, which one plot line would you remove from Buffy? And why?

Magic as not-even-remotely-subtle drug metaphor. I'd cut it because it is not even remotely subtle - Willow's addiction should have been to her need to control things around her and be important, not magic itself - that was just a tool that Will used to avoid unpleasant realities and to try to "fix things" to match the way she wanted them to be. (I almost went with the Twilight storyline because ... well... because of the murky motivations behind Twilight's actions, but since I think he's under the heavy influence of a greater cosmic force and Prophecy, I'll go with the "Willow is a big crack-head" storyline.)

What are your thoughts on how Angel was so different with his soul than Angelus was without it?

I don't think Liam was ever a bad man. Yeah, he was a womanizer and a carouser with little direction and a big chip on his shoulder in the shape of his father - that didn't make him evil, it just made him a directionless jerk. At heart, he was a good man who just needed to grow up and, most importantly, get away from his overbearing old man. Angel is Liam, with a lot more maturity and the weight of accepting the consequences for his past actions - which Liam never had the chance to mature and do (the accepting responsibility for himself and his behavior thing). Angelus is not only a demon, but he shared Liam's chip against the world - that is what informed his development during his turning. As Darla said, 'everything they were informs everything they'll be' - for Angelus, that 'thing' is resentment and rage.

Are you a shipper?

I'm not sure what that means. Is there 'ships I like? Yes, but that makes me a fan of the show. I guess I'd be a shipper of Spike/Xander, since that is my real focus when I'm looking to read fanfic.

For non-shippers: if you aren't, then why?

It's possible I'm a non-shipper despite writing relationships into the story because the point of the story shouldn't be the sex. That should only be a component of the greater narrative (excepting PWP, of course). On the other hand, the whole point of spanderverse is to build a plausible gay affection between Xan & Spike - so that does sound like being a spander-shipper to me.

You ship:

A combo of canon and non-canon pairings, any of which can change at any time as story ideas develop - including my boys, Spike and Xander.

Shipper wars are:

Stupid. And probably generated by people who are either way too invested in a fictional universe, or are arguing just because they enjoy getting a rise out of people (a troll).

Most controversial (Buffy)canon ship:

Buffy/Spike absolutely with runner up Buffy/Satsu.

Most interesting couple and story which it involved:

I'm gonna go with the non-sexual couplehood of Buffy/Faith. There was too much subtext close to the surface for them to not be included. For actual, sleeping together, couplehood - Well, I'm surprised by this, but I gotta go with Angel/Buffy.

You prefer canon or fanon for your ship?

Either, or.

Do you think your favourite ship was explored in canon?Are there any things you'd like to change?

No. Definitely not explored in any way because women together are hawt while men together is icky. Okay, it might also have been because Xander's not gay - but I think it was mostly because of the ick thing.

Are you a diehard shipper? Would you protect your ship in a heated discussion?

I would for a short time, but then I'd get bored since 'heated discussion' usually turns into ship-war in which no one can really win.

You like your ship because:

There is an energy between the actors that cannot be 'created' by any writer and it draws me into the possibilities. And because the two men are handsome and would look even more so if they were smooshing bodies.

Which character from any Whedon fandom (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse or Dr. Horrible) had the greatest journey? And why?

The journeys aren't done. Plus, I can't just choose one.

What are your thoughts on the whole gaff over Spike's sire? He goes "you were my sire, man, my Yoda" in School Hard, and in In The Dark he makes a comment about "stake me old sire". But we know Dru actually sired him. Is it that whole "he's a sire of sorts because he's in the line" kind of thing?

I always assumed it's because Angelus shaped the sort of vampire he became. Not just through showing him the ropes, but by providing the thing to fight against to make his own way. Drusilla certainly wouldn't have been much of a role model and we've seen that vampires that just wander around eating people get staked rather quickly.

Do you like Angel and Co?

I appreciate them as part of the Buffyverse, and I'm collecting the S6 comic, so there must be something there - but do I like them? That is a tough one to answer....

You like Angel and Co better than the Scoobies?

No way. Not even close.

Do you think they did better than the Scoobies in the fight against evil?

No. Team Angel had to deal with much more moral ambiguity which made it much more difficult to fight against The Evil.

True Angel and Co members are:

Angel, Cordelia, Wes, Fred, Gunn... the core-5.

Was Spike part of Angel and Co?

No. He did his part for Team Angel, but at the end of the day, he'll always be more of a wild card than either a Team Angel or Scooby Gang member starting after 'Chosen'.  

What was Illyria for Angel and Co?

The thing that killed Fred, but their responsibility. And, it didn't hurt that she was superstrong and could absorb a lot of punishment.

Often decisions they made in comparison to the Scooby gang were:

More "gray" then the Scooby Gang was ever faced with, but appropriate to the circumstances - usually.

They were most united in:

Season 6.

Least united in:

Tough one to call between S3 & S4 - but I'll go with 4 since Cordelia was working against them the whole time.

Favourite member:

The star - Angel.

Least favourite member:

Lorne, I think, but this is only because he was so often comedy relief - I don't dislike any of them (of course, I'm not sure I actually like any of them, either).

Who is more heroic; Buffy or Mal? And Why?

I can't fairly answer, since I never go into the space western, Firefly. But, unless Mal threw himself to his death for his friends, I'd have to say Buffy is the default answer.

Canon status of S8:

Joss makes the final call - he says canon, it is.

If you don't follow the story, do you still know what's going on ?

I'm a buyer.

How do you feel about the comics?

I love that the story continues (in canon!) but am not wild about the Twilight arc, or the Twilight identity. But I did love "The Long Way Home" and "Wolves at the Gate".

Do you like the Xander/Dawn relationship?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this one.

Is there a chance for Buffy/Xander?

Given the right set of circumstances there is always the small chance - though I just don't see any real romance in their futures. A friend with affectionate benefits, yes - lovedy-love-love - nuh-uh. And of course, this whole Dawn thing really throws a wrench into any short term physical relationship at all.

Buffy in season 8 is:

Just as complicated and heroic and infuriating as she was on the show. The comics have captured her voice excellently, but I'm less than pleased with some of the things they've done to her (the bank robbery pissed on her character, to me).

Sleeping with Satsu was:

Understandable, sweet and hot - and no, Buffy wasn't selfish and she didn't "use" Satsu - they are both mature enough to make their own decisions.

The Artist of season 8 is:


Do you follow the Scott Allie and Georges Jeanty Q&As?

No. I live in fear of spoilers, but I do check out the letters pages in the comics.

If not, then why?


Do you know that in the latest comic Buffy and Angel shared a kiss [poll was from before the sexfest]?

Yep. Good for them.

What do you think of that, knowing that so far what we know for Angel, is that he's a killer?

I'm too lost to comment at this time. I think I'm okay with it because they're being driven by a Prophecy - but I need to wait until I see what all of the explanations reveal before I can decide if I want Xander to give Buffy another one of his shit-fits (see Passion, Becoming, that episode with the zombies, Revelations....).

Has Buffy been seduced?

She was temporarily. I'm still unclear if this is just the draw of Angel in her life again, or if she's being influenced by some cosmic force.

Do you think Joss is going to trash their relationship or glorify it?

Whichever, Angel has to get back to his own comic (I'm holding out hope they are occurring in the same universe, even if the comic creators between the two companies are too dickish to work together toward a common narrative).

Your marks for this season:

3.50 out of 5 (but the Twilight arc by itself - 2.75 out of 5).

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