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The "not a lot to say" post....

I'm not dead, so there's something although my sinuses are making me wonder if I have super-mold growing up in there or something....

I worked on "Dawn of the Dead" review some more - still only 26 minutes into the movie - don't know why there seems to be so much to type on it - except that I love it so.

The 'writing in my head' which is always how I start on spanderverse stories - just scenes that I'll want to include, acted out in my imagination, is going apace. I believe that I should be typing out Ch1 of new story tomorrow or Monday - no title yet.

Willow, Giles and Jenny are really convicting me for not getting to the BtVS, S1 review - "I Robot....", so that is on tomorrow's agenda as well. (Oh, shut up Willow - your story is boring, anyway - the only reason to watch that episode is for the Giles/Jenny 'ship.)

Angel 16 review - The issue finally ends "After the Fall...." six issues too late. I collect "Aftermath" as well, so the reviews won't stop - this particular issue review should be posted early Tuesday morning.

And then it's back to BTVS: S8, but we need to detour into FRAY first for the next arc. My 'Fray' is a TPB so I'm not sure yet if I'll be doing a full page by page review - or just a mini-review (like I did for Zombies). It will basically boil down to whether I can get decent page scans without breaking the books spine or not.

So much planned - so little energy - and so much to read in the Friends and Friends of Friends links that are distracting... damn you Friends and Friends of Friends! (kidding - don't de-friend me, I'll cry)
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