harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Buffy Poll - okay, actually it's more Spike and Angel...

... but it involves sex, so that's a good.

My answers:

1) Spike: Gay or Hetero or Whatnot:

Straight, though somewhat gay for Angel - and maybe Xander if they could stop sublimating into hostility (it makes sense in my own mind - leave me be).

2) Angel: Gay or Hetero or Whatnot:

Heterosexual. Yes, straight men can have a "one off" with gay sex out of experimentation, but still be hetero in orientation. I used to be hit on a lot by straight men who'd had too much to drink and "just curious - as a one time thing". God, how many times have I heard that? Probably over a dozen.

3) Angelus' motivation for sleeping with Dru, after Spike was around: Spite or Jealousy....

Spite. Plus, Angelus is an asshole.

4) In School Hard, Spike is feeling (blank) about Angel's ruse/ soul having: Angry, betrayed, hurt, or other....

I had to go with different emotion, though it is closely associated with hurt : deep disappointment.

5) Spike/Angel behave like: brothers, nemesis or 'old marrieds'....

Brothers, but with the caveat of 'brothers-in-arms', not like familial brothers because of that whole lust on Spike's side thing in answer 1.
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