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Buffy Meme!

As already mentioned before, I'm a sucker for a Buffy meme for reasons that are inexplicable, but which I choose not to fight very hard against. Here is one:

Unpopular Rants, Opinions and Confessions

So, here are my Buffy confessions:

1) I loved The Master as a villain even though he pontificated too much and was stuck underground not doing anything all season 1.

2) I think School Hard is *gulp* massively overrated just because Spike is introduced. I also feel that Tabula Rasa is equally overrated.

3) I like Dru more than Spike (this is especially true as of Buffy S6 onward).

4) I'm a sucker for Buffy/Angel angst, even though they repeat the "I love you/I can't be with you/I can't stay away from you" tango way too often and I cannot deny that it is repetitive.

5) I loathe Spuffy. (However, I do not loathe Spuffy-fans.)

6) I like WATCHERS: The Virtual Series more than I like Buffy: S8, even though the comic is Joss'.

7) I supported Xander when he was attacking Buffy in Passion, Becoming and Revelations. Not only did I support him, but I also didn't think he was a jerk in Dead Man's Party when he got up in Buffy's face. Instead, I think he was saying things that needed to be said and that Willow and Giles wouldn't.

8) Edited for another BIG one: I got bored with James being naked in S6.
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