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Buffy Reviewage - Don't get excited, it isn't mine

I have a new linkage for y'all that features some more Buffy reviews of a person who is not a lazy ass and ergo has actually done them. Now, I know - you don't really want to read other's reviews - you want to spend time basking in my genius and I totally understand... really, I do!

But, as I'm being one of those lazy asses mentioned above, I don't have anything to share at the moment. I was so expecting to have the 'Dawn of the Dead' review finished and posted by now - but I haven't even spent any real time at the computer in nearly a week at this point. I apparently have not gotten over my latest funk, yet, which I thought I had gotten through. Funk, not funky, which I wouldn't mind being trapped in at all.

So, anyway - LINKAGE - but, I have to give a warning; I'm not crazy about the very tiny print (you really need to do a zoom view) nor do I like the dark type on dark gray background. However, the "Observations" are amusing and you know, you may need something to occupy your time until I'm ready to bathe you in my specialness again. Don't ask when that will be - it'll be soon - SOON - but, uh, not tonight.
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