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Science vs God vs Politics

Sad. Really.

I understand that people can have doubts about certain aspects of Darwinism. I can understand people can have an overwhelming belief in God. I can't understand why one automatically makes the other non-existent. Presumably, if there is a God and he did create Earth and all of its works (including us), then he also created certain 'natural laws' to guide its development so that we all suddenly didn't find ourselves in utter and complete chaos where cows suddenly float and people suddenly turn into gas and the sun suddenly explodes and reforms every couple of seconds. These 'natural laws' would presumably be something we could observe and describe (which is what - SCIENCE - is) and which THEORIES are based upon.

For the record, I believe that evolution has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in the same way that gravity and aerodynamics and basic math have. I also think that we're sentient because something out there greater than we chose to bless us with such sentience, for whatever reason (and there are times when I truly don't understand why). Believing in both of these concepts in no way has made my head explode - they are not contradictory in nature.

The fact that in politics, believing in evolution could be an insult and that you'd have to 'defend yourself' by claiming that you accept as fact that everything in the current copy of the Bible occurred literally just as stated (by men - unless you think God grabbed a pen and some paper) is beyond the pale in the 21st Century. And for those who want to believe your book is the be all/end all, first and last word on the subject of how the universe operates - may I remind you that it has been re-translated, added to, subtracted from and re-interpreted almost since the establishment of a church began. In fact, it is still being re-interpreted and re-written!

I am seriously just WTF'd. (Hey, I can make it a verb, if I want - I watch BTVS!)

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