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There's a controversy?

So, apparently there is some sort of bru-hah-ha about some comments that a few published writers have made slamming fanfic. Now as you may know, I happen to play around in the Buffy fanfic with this little series called spanderverse, so I have a vested interest that isn't exactly neutral when it comes to people saying anything negative about a pass-time that isn't hurting anyone else.

Spontaneous Musings by one Shadowcat67 was annoyed enough to post a reply because it bothered her to which I say - right on, Sister.

But also my take on professional vs. fanfic or self-publishers is this: I've read many a-published writer and guess what - some of you are REALLY bad. I mean REALLY. And I've read some fan-fic that was actually really good - probably good enough to be expanded upon into novel length and published, if it wouldn't violate some copyright or licensing agreement somewhere.

Now, sure, there is A LOT of dross. I wouldn't ever claim there isn't, but that is not a problem unique to fan-fic. I tried to read a Space 1999 and a Buck Rogers paperback and couldn't get through either one of them, the writing was just so badly done including misspellings and out of character dialog among the central characters. I've also read plenty of published work in which a sentence was so badly constructed, I had to go back and re-read it three or four times to understand what the author meant to write - and this in books which allegedly had professional editors reading through them before they were released to market.

So, I guess what I'm basically saying is: FUCK YOU, EGOMANIACS.

But, I think Shadowcat67 puts it better than I....

Hmmm... I posted this much too soon - More linkages, including this first one which explains some of the outrageous things said about us icky fanficcers who are like child-slaverers and make this authoress just barf ... don't worry dearie, I won't be writing about your characters since I haven't bothered to read your books, and now never will. Bitch.

More responses with linkages.....

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