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La Update-a.

So, as I'm sure you'll notice I, in fact, did not post anything this weekend. Good thing I'm not actually being paid for doing so....

  On the other hand, I'd probably be doing a far better job at writing things and getting them on here if it was a job, rather than a hobby. I'm nothing if not prideful in doing my job.

But, that's really neither here nor there - this is an update post, even though there isn't much:

  1) I've started the next WATCHERS review.

  2) I've got my page scans for Angel #14.

  3) I'm going to do a short review as well for Vampires: Encounters with the Undead - which is a collection of vampire-specific tales (duh) including all of the classics, like "Dracula's Guest", "The Family of the Vourdalak", "Carmilla" and "I Am Legend". The collection was gathered and edited by David J. Skal - but nicely, he also includes a lot of 'liner notes' in the margins with personal details about the authors and the stories. I haven't decided how to structure the review yet, but I'm leaning toward just a few lines about each of the stories and a few interesting quotes from Mr. Skal's commentary and then 'The Good, The Bad, The Score' will encompass the collection of tales as a whole.

But, Robert, I hear you say... no, wait, call me harsens-rob instead..., But harsens-rob, I hear you say, You've promising us the next WATCHERS review forever - and we don't really care much about Angel's comic book - when the hell are you getting on with the Buffy review... the tv series, not season 8?

Well, after I get over being a little ticked that you're dissing my comic reviewing, I answer with - uh - OOH, LOOK SOMETHING SHINY OVER THAT WAY!

And, then I run away while your back is turned.
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