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TIME Bum 100

I was feeling a little ambivalent about posting a link to this, because really - do we need more meanness in the world? But then I started to read the criteria for TIME's 100 Least Influential People - and I shrugged and said, 'what the hell - attention whores with little talent worth paying attention to are kinda asking for it'. Plus, it's snarky, bitchy and funny and I enjoy snark so....

List de Losers  (but only the ones I can really object to - click link for full list)

Space Shuttle ( hey now! )
Rue McClanahan (hey now! oh wait, you can't really argue with the reasoning)
Eskendereya (including a horse - lame)
Admiral Luis Aranda (god, I hope this is true - that's too absurd...! but you really should have checked before including him)
Paula Abdul (poor Paula - why the mean toward her?)
Clarence Thomas (gotta object on this simply because he gets to vote on laws - it doesn't matter if he 'talks from the bench')
Bo Obama (must object due to including a dog - a dog )
H1N1 (objection - look I get that you're being funny - but did you actually READ THE TITLE OF THE ARTICLE)
Sleestaks (now you're pissing me off - a) not people b) not attention-mongers c) not trying to influence 'cause, uh, not real people!)
Taipei 101 (if you change it to Taipei 101 BUILDERS, it works on the list - maybe)
2-D (not a person - and how many new movies are in 2-D rather than 3? how many video releases? how many tv shows? 2D isn't dead)
Greece (well, their political class, maybe)

Bonus linkage - The Top and Worst Lists at Time.com
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