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The Buffyverse Love

So, I'm doing the whole checking out the "Friends of Friends" option since I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing in between work-stuff. And there is this little site meme which I must naturally answer because it's all Buffy-Love, and who would say no to that?

Anyway, the meme is to list 10 Things You Love About Buffy. These are just off the top of my head without any protracted thought:

1) Buffy's "So that's it, huh? I remember the drill...." speech in Prophecy Girl.

2) Giles' response when Buffy points out how disappointed he must be in her following her sleeping with Angel.

3) Buffy punching Giles and berating him for trying to get himself killed... and then immediately dropping to her knees to hold him as he sobs following Jenny's murder.

4) The swords fight between Buffy and Angelus (even with the obvious stunt people).

5) The message throughout the series that Buffy is strong because she's connected to others - not because she's the "rebel lone wolf who breaks the rules", even when she's breaking the rules - she's no bad action 80's action movie icon.

6) Buffy vs. Faith in Graduation Day.

7) That highly erotic Angel Feeding On Buffy scene in Graduation Day. Wow.

8) The Body - Buffy's reaction in that moment after she yells at Giles for moving the body, Willow's reaction when she finds out that purple = royalty, Anya's confused heartbreak.

9) Dawn being willing to jump to save everyone else, and her reaction when she sees Buffy's plans on her face.

10) Buffy's answer to beating The First Evil being to completely negate the entire system of "One Girl in All The World" - a system constructed by men so they could control the girl they'd use as their weapon to protect their own skins from any risk of fighting the monsters themselves.

And, as a bonus - 10 Things I Love About Angel the Series

1) Cordelia immediately cluing into Russell being a vampire and then her realization she probably shouldn't have said anything.

2) Lilah Morgan.

3) Angel: "And yet somehow, I just can't seem to care...."

4) Darla's return, Drusilla being brought in to re-vamp her, Angel's confrontation with both.

5) Faith torturing Wes in a bid to get Angel to just finally kill her. Her breakdown in the rainy alley. Buffy's telling her if she tries to apologize, she will beat her to death. Buffy's "I tried so hard to help you, and you spat on me!"

6) The twisted, but ultimately sweet Wes/Lila ... thing....

7) The Angel team vs. The Beast.

8) Faith vs. The Beast.

9) Angel is a muppet!

10) Illyria and Wesley's last scene together (on the show - ignoring the S6 comic).

... And there you have it.
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