harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

The Hubble Love - Yeah, I know....

As I'm sure you've all read by now (because I'm just that scintillating) I've been dazzled by the new kid on the block recently. But, my fundamental love of Hubble - despite my affair with the SDO - has not waned over the last 20 years....

Yes - 20 YEARS! Jeezus, I'm gettin' old - where is the time flying?

So - here's the announcement. And, this here is a few of the HST's memorable discoveries. No matter how new and fancy the younger set are, they can't take away from Hubble's outstanding additions to science.

** Big Kiss, You Big Lug **  Happy Anniversary (this is a second anniversary celebration for me, btw - Tom & I just passed 15 years together and have managed to avoid any axe murdering of one another).
Tags: nasa, space exploration

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