harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Congratulations are due to Brazil.

Last year, I gave a big congrats to the USA bull riding team who came from behind to beat the winning Brazilians for the World Cup win.

Well, the 2010 World Cup was in Las Vegas this year. The teams: Brazil, Mexico, USA, Australia and Canada - five men per team, plus an alternate to cover for an injury. This year Brazil led early and while the USA started to make an impressive come-back late in the series, it was just too late to turn the tide of victory. The Brazil team really deserves the win - they were amazing, especially Renato Nunes, whose inclusion on the team was in doubt at first (for I suspect personal reasons with the team captain - he was riding too good on the PBR Ford Tough series not to be included).

So, like last year, I want to give a congratulations to the team for their win - reclaiming the cup that they lost to the Americans in their home country last year ... I guess 'turnabout is fair play'.

  Team Captain, Adriano Moraes.

         Guilherme Marchi

         Fabiano Vieira (image borrowed from here)

Silvano Alves (I cannot find a decent picture of him to place here)

       Robson Palermo (image borrowed from here)

      Renato Nunes

We'll get you guys next year!

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