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Review of 'Radiant Farms' Unicorn Meat'

I'll admit I was skeptical of ordering Unicorn meat - I mean, who wants to eat a horse, isn't that for dog food? But I put aside this doubt for one can of the stuff, because, c'mon - it has sparkles!! Every source of food should have sparkles included, as far as I'm concerned.

One of the things I loved about Radiant Farms' product is how filling it turned out to be. It surprised me, because when I saw how much came in the can, I immediately thought, "Well, this isn't going to feed both Tom and I!"

I ended up making some rice to go with it, but guess what? We couldn't even eat the rice! This was completely filling with only a half-dozen bites - I think it must be the magical hugs & love that is so filling. In addition, you'll find your whole mood lifted by the inclusion of meat from the giggles and smiles portion of the torso.

I can not recommend Unicorn Meat enough.

The Good: The hint of almonds and sunshine really adds a layer of flavor that adds an extra rainbow-y quality to your meal.

How filling! It's magical!

Unicorn Meat is healthy for the cholesterol conscious. I'd definitely recommend it for a healthy heart.

I really like the flavor of rotisserie chicken that comes in every bite... I expected it was going to taste like spam or possibly deviled ham, but it really is just like from the deli! And, I love the sweet undercurrent that dances on the taste buds, like eating hopes and wishes. Plus the Guinness adds so much flavor! Love it.

The Bad: Well, I'm not crazy about the bits of Unicorn horn in every bite. I understand that everything has to be fortified with vitamins and minerals and calcium, right down to orange juice these days, but still. It's just that the hard bits aren't expected because you think the texture is going to be mushy and then you bite down on these bits of Uni-horn. This is a minor complaint, though, just make sure you're ready for the crunchiness.

Other Thoughts: I think I do need to point out that my can didn't come with as many sparkles as in the photo above. It's probable that the number of sparkles vary widely per can, so it's not really a problem, per se. It's just something that you should be aware of, in case you're primary reason for buying the product is for the twinkles.

The Score: I would really recommend Unicorn to anyone who wants something unusual and sweet. The mood lift you get makes it beneficial to a sense of well being and the fact it is so filling makes it so economical. It's a great way for those suffering the blues to get an immediate new outlook on life or for those families really struggling with the grocery budget in these difficult economic times. I score it: 4.25 out of 5.
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