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Oh, yeah, those reviews....

Okay, so I'm sure you've seen that the Buffy review of 'Angel' finally got done and posted. That leaves the latest WATCHERS review sitting there waiting for me to get it done. I know, I know, I keep saying it's coming and it is. This week, I have just been dragging though - I don't know what my issue is - very tired brain, very tired eyes.

I hope to get that done by Friday at the latest. This weekend at least one issue of Angel: After the Fall and that long delayed completion/posting of Coming of the Scooby Army in spanderverse.

I've also started the review of the last of the werewolf movies on my The Wolf Man Legacy disks - Werewolf of London. I kind of crapped out trying to get through the boring first forty five minutes or so - I'd like to get back to it on Monday, but I'm not sweating that one like I am the WATCHERS reviewage.

So - that's where we stand at the moment  *yawwwwwnnnn*
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