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She Wolf of London - an update

No, this isn't about an updated version of the old Universal She-Wolf of London! It's an update that I've added to my review of this movie.

You see, I alas did not know it at the time of my review, but one of my latest recommendated (huh? according to spellchecker that isn't a word - but it should be, so I'm letting it stand) entries was for the review site, Classic-Horror.com...

And they have an interview with June Lockhart - focusing on SHE WOLF OF LONDON! Now, just how cool is that. And, it's only from Feb, 2010 so I'm not even linking to a post that has mold on it!

Wow, sometimes I am just awesome, aren't I?

Oh, uh, Tom Weaver is sorta cool, too. And, uh, Editor-in-Creep (his words!) Nate Yapp isn't not-cool ... but, let's get back to me!! I, mean - back to the post - which is about uh - an interview....
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