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Hmmm... The answer to not getting your way it to strip folk's right to vote.

C'mon... there are sore losers and then there's batshit crazy sore losers - and naturally, it's another Texas nutball that would like to suddenly revolt and put government back in the hands of ... well, not the Tea Partiers or any other American individual, actually... which, uh, seems slightly more than undemocratic and swerving into that elitism that they're so fast to call out the Democratic party for:

Aside from the obvious problem of taking away the American people's ability to choose their own leaders, Gohmert's proposal conflicts with GOP's closing argument against health care reform.  Remember that conservatives, including Gohmert, argued that the election of Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) signaled the public's rejection of the president's plan.  Yet, while Tea Party activists flooded Massachusetts and pushed Brown to victory, Gohmert's proposal would have made that effort impossible.

Do you think that any of these asswipes actually think before sound erupts for their mouths? Do they consider how what they attempt to do next sets precedent down that will be used against them the moment they're back in the driver's seat? Do any of them realize how authoritarian and uncomfortably close to fascist some of their overheated pronunciations from on high end up coming across? Is there no one in their staffs that look at what they're about to spew in public and say, "hold up a second - isn't this sounding psychotic?" or "wait a moment, how would it sound to the average American to suggest that they shouldn't be allowed to vote in their Senators anymore because we didn't get our way?"... any at all?
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