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Update on Buffy and Angel Reviews....

I still plan on reviewing an episode of WATCHERS: The Virtual Series** this week, sometime. As for the Buffy and Angel work... well... I'm still off-island, and it appears I'll be at least until Saturday morning - if not longer. The ice-floe from northward has been brutal and has caused another extended ferry shutdown.

For those keeping track - that would be 5 weeks this winter in which I haven't been home!

My next comic review is going to be two issues of Angel: After the Fall before I dive into the Fray TPB to get ready for Buffy S8's "Time of Your Life" arc.

I want to get the Buffy episode, Angel, out of the way as well - and would like to post I Robot, You Jane as well, if I can get home this weekend.... Updates will be forthcoming, 'natch.

** Please be aware that at this time the WATCHERS site is being identified as an 'attack site' and blocked by my computer. I have an email into CN Winters about this to find out if she is aware of a corruption. The link above is to the wiki site - I would not recommend going to thewatcherscouncil.net until I receive an all clear from the website administrator.
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