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Another of those 'Plans' posts....

Yeah, yeah, I know. I should stop making promises that I so rarely end up keeping. Nevertheless, here goes:

I've completed the Buffy review for Issue 12 and am halfway through Issue 13 - I didn't expect it to take so long, but there is so much to comment on, what with the slashy-ness of Dracula/Xander... not to mention the slashy-ness of Satsu/Buffy.

Yes, that's right... SLASH. I'm giddy.

Now in one instance it is very textual slash - in the other, it is subtext quickly moving toward text slash. In one, I could be accused of reading more than is there (but I don't think so, the hints are rather bold) and in the other, there is no mistaking it. It is right there on the page, naked in bed.

Anyway - at this rate, it should be fully posted on Saturday evening or Sunday. Also on either Sunday or Monday, this is the weekend I'm determined to do the BTVS: Angel review.

It's going to be this whole Buffy-Reviewy-Weekender-thing.

Then, for a different take on the Buffyverse, I'm planning on the next WATCHERS review next week. And, I'm very close to having the other alternate Buffyverse, my spanderverse, ready for the complete posting of the entire rest of Coming of the Scooby Army by the end of next weekend. Except, it's only maybe on that because I'm having more fun with reviewing than with plot constructing at the moment. Still, so many scenes are strongly in my mind that I know I should get them typed out and get on with it.
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