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To David Brooks - This just in....

... the internet allows people to call bullcrap when it is, in fact, being spread:

Reconciliation has been used periodically before. That was bad enough. But at least for major legislation like the first Bush tax cuts, there was usually significant bipartisan support. Now we have pure reconciliation mixed with pure partisanship.

Uh, actually, that is only part of the story - the part that just so happens to support David's sudden vapors about reconciliation being used to reconcile the Senate and House health bills that were already passed. And I have little doubt that Mr. Conserva-Brooks already knows that he's conveniently forgetting a few facts, as ideological pundits tend to do. As the following quickly pointed out:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t one of the Bush tax cuts only passed when Dick Cheney broke a tie in the Senate?

So there you have it: a fun little sociological discussion followed by a reluctant, utterly incorrect defense of the current Republican position.

The Senate already passed its health care reform bill, and it was approved (after defeating a Republican filibuster) with a 60-vote supermajority. Reconciliation would be used for a budget fix, which, as Brooks may have heard, is why reconciliation exists, GOP hurt feelings notwithstanding.

This is what is driving me crazy about current (not-so-much) debate around policy. You can disagree with what a change in laws could do to the nation's finances, you can have differing viewpoints (some are just naturally more liberal, some are just conservative - the value of our system is that both sides get to sway the vast middle ground to support more of their policies than their rivals) and you can even hold fast and strongly to a certain world view. What you should not get to do is re-write history at a whim or change your viewpoints based on whether your guy is in office or not... which is what the GOP, the Conservatives (which overlap the GOP, but are separate nonetheless) and their spokesmen and pundits are trying to do by deliberately cherry picking and distorting the public record. And, it pisses me off that the majority of the American Public apparently doesn't remember anything for longer than 3 weeks, anymore.
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