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The Next Buffy Review

So, I have this insane idea for 'Wolves at the Gate', where by I plan on typing up the reviews for all 4 issues this weekend and then post them all in the same day. I decided this because I didn't like how long my procrastination lasted between issues during the Faith arc (No Future for You).

 I figure this way, if I do slack off, at least y'all won't notice because I won't have started an arc review and then let it sit for weeks (or, uh, you know - months) right in the middle of the plot. I also think it will help with the review for me to read the entire arc in one sitting. I've already scanned my excerpts from all 4 books and they're waiting for me impatiently to get to the writing part. So, this weekend is the weekend, dammit... even if I have to chain myself to the chair... maybe....

(well, I was going to include the covers for the next 4 issues as a sneak peek, but despite having DSL, it doesn't seem to want to upload them quickly at the moment and I gotta get ready to leave for work)

Big Edit 03/16, 0140am: I am a big fat liar guy. I did not even start any Wolves at the Gate reviews. I did manage to do that mini-review for Zombies and I have half of a chapter in spanderverse done and uh... yeah. Big, fat lazy liar guy. Honestly, I don't know what happened to the weekend - I blinked and it was over! I feel horrible - sort of - I really wanted to get Buffy's Season 1 review of the episode Angel out, too. Uhg... I have no good excuses to give... sorry.

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