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Another Recommendy Post

Thanks to Final Girl's current project of asking horror bloggers to answer a quick survey about their sites, their philosophies and their inclinations toward Adrienne Barbeau I've been introduced to some new blogs. I've hopped out to these and looked around and such and such.

But, I think I may have found a new Safe for Work review-type site. Nate Yapp's Classic-Horror.com is a new stop for me and he has lots and lots of reviews to read through. And like me, he's in love with the Universal cycle of horror, but doesn't limit himself to them for his reviewing. He offers 5 different ways of searching through his review archive and his reviews are more than a few word blurb, but they also don't wear on causing a big investment of time for each one.

I think I'll find a lot to enjoy at his site, so I'm offering a linkage.

You know what, one of these evenings, I'm gonna have a recommended-list post in which I collect the various links on one page... something I can continually update as I find new, interesting movie-review sites... oh, won't that be nice for you all!
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