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Well, now we have to pass it! (UPDATED for Stupid Burns!)

Thanks Limpblow. Now, we have an overwhelming reason to ignore any measured judgments about the strengths and weaknesses of the current health insurance reform legislation... we must pass it. It's a no-lose proposition; if there is even a chance in a hundred-thousand that he'll leave, we must do it. And, if he doesn't leave it'll just be another "this idiot is a big mouthed bullshitter and nothing more" moment.

Not that any of his rabid fans will ever remember this pledge... and if anyone brings it up again, they'll insist it is a lie perpetrated by the left who created it wholesale with a Rush-lookalike and then come up with 20 reasons why they can 'prove' that the moron behind the mic never said any such thing... But, wow, would it be wonderful if Costa Rica got him (although, I'd prefer to send him off to Nigeria).

Limbaugh vows to flee the country if health care passes.

Update: His effing stupidity is even worse than at first blush... not to mention possibly hypocritical... you see as his Noxious-Sputum is railing against curbing Health Insurance Excesses and wishing to Deny Coverage to those in need (probably 65% of his audience who choose to cut their own noses off to spite their faces), his threatened new home has ... wait for it...


One last update, and then I'm leaving this asshat behind: Bummer, he won't be leaving (that was quick).

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