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Jesus, the stupid burns....

'Sovereign Citizens' Claim Immunity From Ind., Federal Law

Indiana’s ‘sovereign citizens’ renounce their U.S. citizenship, claim to secede from the Union.

Indiana faces wave of ’sovereign citizens’ who declare independence

I really think it would be awesome if, after convicting these morons of their various tax-dodging and fake-document passing offenses, the Federal Government stripped them of their citizenship and then informed them that our embassies
are currently in discussions with foreign powers to accept them after their deportation orders come through. If you want to claim you're no longer under the jurisdiction of the United States government's laws, then you don't deserve to hide under its protections, either. Enjoy your new homes in Eritrea, Mongolia or Tajikistan, and don't forget to drop us a post card from your new digs!

It won't happen, of course. Too 'controversial' and would be hyped in opportunists' circles as big, bad, socialist Obama picking on poor, wittle, defwensless weal Americans... but you know what, I'd do it anyway. Why bother paying for their imprisonment, when we can just treat them as the foreign nationals they want to claim (in effect) they are?
Deportation is the answer for "Sovereign Citizens of Nowhereistan".

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